Whistler resort stock photography

You know that feeling when you keep saying ” I should this, I wanna do this..” and then you never get around it. It is always in back of your mind, but there is always something more important. If I am honest – I just get lazy. There is always an excuse, there is always next week, until you realize this is it. It is either now or I miss another opportunity. That’s how I feel about this photo shoot – I love shooting stock – it is what I want to photograph, still thinking what’s in demand, but at the end it is my decision how the images going to look like, what/who is my subject, etc.
It’s been three years since I have been planning to go up the gondola and take some sunset pictures around Roundhouse lodge. Of course the whole summer I found excuses not to go up there until last day of gondola being open until late. I didn’t feel like going up, but once I got out I thought.. “What took me so long? Why all those excuses? Look how beautiful the mountains are in late light.” And I got rewarded with a nice sunset. It is not always like that but I felt it was reminder that I should not be wasting the opportunities I have.

New Whistler gondola in sunset.
BBQ at top of Whistler mountain.
Roundhouse lodge in summer.
Sunset reflection in Rendezvous restaurant on Blackcomb mountain.