Trail building in Whistler – Whistler lifestyle photography

I have never thought that I would enjoy trail building. As a kid growing up in communist country I had to travel 12 km with my parents to our community garden. Instead of playing with my friends outside I had to go and help gardening. I really hated it and told my parents that one day I will make enough money to buy fruit and veggies. Little did I know that 30 years later I would voluntarily plant the flowers for our deck or that I would be digging for dirt for a trail I won’t be even able to ride. I don’t know when things changed, it happened so slow that I didn’t even noticed. Suddenly I am looking forward weekend to go looking for rocks, cutting the bushes down or digging for hours to find some dirt. First I thought I should just go and help my boyfriend, but lately I find it relaxing, my mind is not thinking about business or other things I need to do. I am just there digging and enjoying the company of my friends. To see our team work and the progress at the end of the day. And the moment when we are just sitting on freshly build bridge looking down into creek and sipping our tasty beverages while your whole body aching.
Building a mountain biking trail in Whistler.