Trail building in Whistler – editorial photography

Earlier this year I spent some time with Steve and Danny in the woods. Steve, my man and rider in most of the bike photos, have been working on a personal project over 2 years. After being injured during our trip and filming in Central America in 2013 he was off the bike for a while and started to scout for possible new lines to photograph to keep his mind of the injury. Little did he know that it would change into a two year trail building project. Every weekend, rain or shine, he would leave early in the morning, stop by to pick his friend Danny and spent endless hours of building the new trail. He would come home late at night and talked about the progress every time he went out there. During the day, Steve would sent me numerous updates on trail, freshly build berm, a big rock they tried to move the whole day or new line they scouted. Then we have endless discussions about photo shoots over later dinner. In today’s word everyone is a trail builder or a photographer. But there are only a few out who actually do a good job, care about environment while building, and actually finish the trail. Steve is one of them. His passion for trail building is so strong so I joined him a few times to capture it. There were days we were building in freezing rain and despite the weather we had fun. The flask full of 52% Slovak brandy kept us warm during the day and seeing the work we’ve done that day was so rewarding.
Some days I brought up my camera and took some pictures. I am very happy to see that two of those pictures recently made it to Bike Magazine Photo Annual. It reflects the hard work the boys put in over the last few years. Trail building in Whistler.