Skywalk North – new alpine hiking trail in Whistler

There is always excitement in town when new trail is built. This time it is an alpine hiking trail and it was built by volunteers, mostly from the Alpine Club of Canada. From the trailhead in Whistler (Alpine Way) to Iceberg Lake roundtrip is 14km. Depending on your level of fitness this hike will take 6-8 hours roundtrip.
We chose to pedal our bikes to Screaming Cat Lake and Flank trail fork and from there we hiked Skywalk North trail. The reason behind that is both of my friends/models were injured and biking was actually better option for them then hiking. Thumbs up for Christina, who just came off 3 months foot injury, still limping her way through grassy meadows. It was also the only sunny day in forecast for a while, so we had no other choice then go for it. Unfortunately we haven’t made it to Iceberg Lake, but we were pretty darn close. Photos ( especially for a client) take time to get and I needed to capture the views and hiking in alpine.

Alpine hiking trails in Whistler.
Fall colours in Whistler.
Two female hikers in Whistler alpine.