Road trip to Sun Peaks

Earlier this summer, Steve and I joined a group of bikers to Sun Peaks. Our schedule is fairly busy during the summer and we barely have a chance to hit the road for a quick trip, so this was our opportunity to escape Whistler for a weekend. The guys were racing DH Nationals and I was happy to enjoy the weekend with my friend Lisa. While the boys were training, we decided to avoid the busy park and explore the trails around. We’ve done 20 km xc loop on our first day and then took a gondola up to head for a short loop in the backcountry on second day and watch the race after. The alpine flowers were in full bloom and I had no choice but to pull out the camera and start snapping. Poor Lisa had to ride uphill “one more time” for me to get the shots.

Whistler adventure photographer
Alpine mountain biking in Sun Peaks
Preparation for Canada DH Nationals at Sun Peaks
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