Real estate photography services in Whistler and Pemberton.

Two phone calls in two weeks for real estate photography. With the majority of my shoots involving people as the subject, I found myself in empty houses with nobody to “direct”. Photographing two houses, one for sale and the other for rent, suddenly brought a nice change into my shooting schedule. It’s something different and I ended up enjoying the whole process so much that I even booked an online course on real estate and architectural photography to bring it to another level. There is lots to learn and I am already using some of the techniques in my outdoor photography.

When shooting real estate, it is essential to recognize what is important to the client and what the images are to be used for. If it is for a real estate agent, I focus on selling features of the house – windows, fireplace, ensuite bathrooms, views, etc. Then, I try to incorporate those features in the photos. For a rental property – beside the features of the house – I am also focusing on the furniture, bedding, interior design, and overall feel of the place for long or short term visitors. The visitors are not choosing only a property to book but they are looking for a certain feel to the place as well. It’s these little details that make the difference at the end.

The photos below show a beautiful house for sale in Pemberton. I focused on capturing those selling features as mentioned above: fireplace, views, ensuite bathrooms.

Professional photography for real estate listings and rental properties.
Professional photography for real estate listings in Whistler and Pemberton.

When photographing a Montebello vacation house for Whistler property management company Whistler Premier, I also focused on amenities like the TV, king size bed, and beddings as those are equally important in this case. The people who are renting a property are looking for amenities and as well as the feel of the place and not just house features.

Professional photography for rental properties in Whistler.
Professional photography services for property management companies in Whistler.