Published photo in Bike Magazine.

As a mountain bike photographer, I have my favourite photos. They might not be the best action or photos themselves but for some reason you like them more than the other ones. This photo is one of them. The one, you are proud of. It’s from a 40km/5 peaks bike ride with my friend Laci, back home in Slovakia. The light sucked, my cardio level was even worse, camera gear was heavier with every pedal stroke and I wasn’t getting anything worthy. We stopped at this spot and shot tons of photos from the other side with some flowers in the foreground. Just before packing the gear I thought: ” What about that creek, Jordan Manley would probably lie in it.. let me see..” I almost deleted the photo thinking it’s not what I had in mind. But once I saw it on the big screen I knew that this one will be in Bike Magazine one day. And 5 months later it is!

Published in Bike Magazine. Laci Tomas, Fatra Mountains, Slovakia.