Published in BIKE Magazine.

As a mountain biking photographer, one of the best feelings is when I flip through the magazine I really think is one of the best out there and I come across my photo. This time I was super excited to see a double spread in recent Bike Magazine. The photo is from Slovakia, pretty much very close to my hometown. Laco Tomas, my new friend and bike guide at home, took me for a night hike to one of the close by peaks to shoot the sunrise. This photos was pretty much at the end of our 3 hour morning shoot, around 8 am. The light was still good and I loved that fresh green colour. I remember running around trying to find a great angle. Ignoring the tree, we’ve got some nice shots, but nothing really creative. Then I looked at that tree and it all clicked! Once I climbed up the tree and saw the hole through the brunches, I knew we’ve got the shot.

Laco Tomas. Greater Fatra, Slovakia.