Pond hockey at Joffre Lakes.

This picture means a lot to me. More than my love for pond hockey. It was the effort I went through to get the shot. At that time I just came back home from and exhausting trip to India. It wasn’t just 12 hours time change that I had to deal with first week back. I was also still recovering from severe food poisoning and giardia. If that is not enough, we had no home either. Our house and my office burned down only week before our arrival back from our trip and we needed to sort our lives and my livelihood as well.
It was my friend, who called me if I would like to come and take some pictures while he would film. Feeling sick, I still agreed. I wanted to start living normal life as soon as possible. But even a small shoot like this presented lots of problems – I had nothing beside the gear I had with me in India. It was one of those freezing days with -10C and I was wearing clothes from donations and freezing the whole time. Most of the time, I ended up sleeping in the car at the parking lot as the food poisoning took over once again. However I pushed myself to get out of car couple of times to take pictures. And I remember talking to myself: “All you need is one good photo. Just find the right angle and get it done and you can go back to the car for another nap.” I knew the sun would never hit the ice rink and the light was pretty flat, however I noticed a bit of blue sky in the corner and I knew that could make a nice contrast with the white clouds. Suddenly I started to analyze the picture and how it could look in black and white. I knew I wanted to show the mountains in the background and how big the lake was. I found my position and then waited for the right action. And the rest is the history.
This picture is now published as double spread in Mountain Life Magazine current issue.
Pond hockey at Jofree Lakes with mountains in background.