Photography 101 course in Whistler.

When my returning client asked me if I would do a photography course with him during his stay in Whistler, I got really excited. Before I started my own business I worked for a photo company in town as a manager and senior photographer. Over my 10 years there, I have been teaching photography tips and doing critiques with all new photographers that came to Whistler for a season. It’s so rewarding to see how much they improved over the course of 4-5 months.
One of the tips I tell all the photographers is the good light. That what separate a great photographer from a good one. If you want to progress as a photographer and once you know your basics it is all about the light. You learn to “read” it. To show him what I meant I took my client to Rainbow park for sunrise. The lake is calm most of the early mornings. We arrived early to find our angles and waited patiently for sunrise. While giving him tips on how to improve his photography skills and giving him a direct feedback I also snapped couple of pictures.
It is worth getting up at 5am and watch Whistler to wake up slowly into another beautiful day.
Sunrise at Rainbow park, Whistler, BC.
Photos of Whistler, BC.