Phat Wednesday downhill races at Whistler bike park.

At the beginning of the bike season I was contacted by Whistler bike park to photograph Phat Wednesday race for future marketing use. Phat Wednesday DH race series is a very popular and very competitive race happening on most Wednesdays. The race is open to anyone and it is more competitive than some of the more known races in Canada or in the world. You get to race against big names like Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, Illes brothers, and these days Troy Brosnan as well, just to name a few. It is run by Whistler Blackcomb event department and those guys are doing an amazing job week after week.
Getting into a photo shoot, I knew I will have to deal with mid day sun, probably the worst enemy for a photographer. To get the right shots, I had to look for open spaces to be able to capture the speed while battling the heat and dusty conditions. With Phat Wednesday actually happening that day we also had to deal with racers training during the day. After getting the action photos, the client also wanted a picture of GLC and atmosphere during Awards later in the evening. I found a great angle to show the new GLC patio with bike racks as well, the only thing that was missing was the sun which set behind the clouds. The difference between the sunny and cloudy shot would be huge so I talked to my client and I was able to reschedule the shoot and wait for the right conditions. Sitting on GLC patio myself during summer, I wanted to capture what I feel. Cool and chilled atmosphere after day of riding, enjoying the last ray of sun while sipping my favourite drink with my friends.
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