Peak to Valley Race, Whistler

I ‘ve been taking photos of this race for years now. It’s one of those races, when people pass each other at the gate, dress up or race like a pro. Peak to Valley race is over 5km long, with 180 gates and has a vertical drop of 1443 metres. Just to compare – the average GS course – approx 35 gates and a vertical drop of 250 metres. You get the idea. The story of the day for me was my biggest enemy on hill – fog! I found this beautiful spot to shoot at, thinking the blue sky might actually break through, the sun will shine in 20 minutes on my gate and I will get a killer shot! Well, the truth was very different, I’ve been trying to hike up higher to avoid the fog, which rose up right after the race started. There was a point were nothing was showing on my camera. I switched from 300mm to 100mm lens and got closer, but  some shots had  nothing in my frame.  As bad as it was, I just had to laugh at the conditions and at least cheer on the racers. Here are a few shots: