Olympic week in pictures.

Wow. Where did this week go? I was planning to post the images every second day, but I have to tell you – being Slovak is very exhausting. Besides the regular work I was lucky enough to watch men’s and women’s downhill, couple of hockey games – including the great Slovakia – Russia game – women’s superG, biathlon, even feeding Slovak Olympians. Add three medal ceremonies and numerous concerts in the village.  The word’s can’t described how awesome the atmosphere is. The body is screaming for some rest, but that is not going to happen for another week. The country is going through pure happiness in one minute and than huge disappointment in next. Seeing Jon Montgomery winning his gold was one of my highlights of this Olympics, of course my #1 highlight is Pavol Demitra scorring in shootouts against Russia. I was really hoping to see some of the local skiers to see on the podium. The village would just  go crazy. Swiss guys are my favourites when it comes to cheering, their cowbells are everywhere, of course they get extra points for delicious mulled wine and bratwurst.  I am better photographer than writer, so I let the pictures do the talk.