Mountain biking scene in Honduras – featured in Freehub magazine

Another adventure from Central America made it to print. Freehub Magazine has published a 12 page article documenting our trip to Honduras. It’s a beautiful layout with words written by Steve Storey. Lots of other great stories in there too.
We have only spent one week in Honduras close to Tegucigalpa, also known as Tegus, where we met with Mario Mossi, local biker and owner of Hondubikes. He has been very helpful letting us to stay at his place for a few nights while we built our bikes and got familiar with local trails. Mario and his bike buddies showed us the DH trails they built over the last few years. It’s amazing to see how passionate these guys are about biking and trail building. Los Elotes, one of the trails they built, is one of the best DH tracks around and worth a trip to Central America.

mountain biking in Honduras