Mountain biking in Slovakia – Bike magazine

The feeling never gets old. It’s like getting your favourite candy as a kid. Actually, it’s like getting a lifetime supply of it! Every time someone sends us a message that we have been published in Bike I feel that exact way. I get so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. The guys at Bike do things a bit differently. They never tell you ahead of time when you’re going to have a picture published so when you flip the pages and you see your picture there, it’s always a treat.

This picture is from a November trip to Slovakia to see my family. Since Steve was coming as well, we packed the bikes so we could try and fit in some riding and shooting. With only 5 days to ride and explore the trails around my hometown, Martin, there was no time for Steve to recover from jet lag making for some grueling days. I had arrived 2 weeks earlier and had time to settle in but even I still felt the effects. We’re both very driven when it comes to shooting so 10 hours after Steve had arrived, we were already out on the bikes searching out spots to photograph.

The hike-a-bike is mandatory on almost every ride in Slovakia. Most trails have no access other than walking up what you’ll be riding down. It was during one of these torture fests when we noticed a line far off in the woods covered in deep, red leaves. The leaves were so deep in places it was past our waists. As much fun as it was there was also an element of nervousness since you couldn’t tell if there were any giant rocks or fallen trees underneath it waiting to grab your tire and smash your face. Luckily, nothing was grabbed or smashed and we ended up with some photos we were both happy about.

Mountain biking trails in Slovakia