Mountain biking camps for women.

I recently came across an online magazine dedicated to female mountain bikers called Mountain Bike For Her. After reading through the pages I found myself drawn in to many of the articles. Features on becoming stronger on your bike and how to move past fears and conquer them touched on subjects I think about quite often. I instantly became hooked and ended up reading the whole publication front to back. The next day I contacted the publisher of Mountain Bike for Her and we started to talk about the next issue and what she was working on.

The latest issue focuses on female coaches and bike camps for women only. From my own experience, I can tell you that investing into a weekend camp or a few lessons will save you lots of frustration and maybe even some tears. Attending a couple of Dirt Series camps really helped me to improve my skills and conquer those fears. I remember the first time I rode the Whistler Bike Park and I told myself I don’t ever need to do jumps or drops. I simply thought I didn’t like to be in the air. Turns outs that second or two in the air is actually pretty cool, it is the landing that freaks me out. I signed up for the beginner class for drops and jumps and was amazed by the support I received from the coaches and other participants. I was able to overcome that fear of not landing with the skill set I learned from my coaches. I am still successful at avoiding the bigger jumps and drops in the park but I now actually enjoy a few of the airs in the bike park. I make sure to hit them pretty much every day I go there which is a massive step forward from the day I first saw them.

Women mountain bike camps in Whistler