Mountain biking adventure in El Salvador – featured in Czech Velo magazine

Happy new year to everybody out there! I am excited to start the new year with a published travel story about our mtb trip to El Salvador featured in recent January issue of Czech VELO magazine. It was my second trip with bikes to El Salvador and the whole crew got excited to see the familiar faces again. Lot’s of the local riders became our friends and we found ourselves riding together and sharing the bike stories while eating pupusas at local restaurant. It always amazes me how biking brings people together. Poor or rich, lawyer or janitor, young or old, we all have biking in common and forget our problems the moment we get on our bikes. For some, biking is a great adrenaline rush. They love it for speed. For others it’s freedom. For most of the guys in Central America it’s an escape. Escape from the negativity in their life, drugs. It separates them from the problems which they are exposed to. We were lucky to meet a lot of them in Central America, some of them from rich families with latest carbon model, some of them not as lucky riding whatever they can get. Still, they all share the same passion for this young sport and they are all thankful for being able to ride their bikes.
El Salvador mountain biking scene.