Luxury real estate photography in Whistler.

It’s been a pleasure to work with David Nagel,The Wolf of Whistler, a new real estate agent in town. With over 130 realtors in Whistler, it is really hard to stand out. And being new to town kicks that difficulty factor up a notch. If you ask me how many real estate agents I could name I probably would come up with 5 people at most. To break in and get noticed, David had to stand out. His branding and marketing strategy gained him massive brand awareness in the Sea to Sky corridor. What I admire about David is his bold approach. He is not afraid to take a risk or try something new. What he has done in a few months some agents haven’t done in years. When I received an email from Dave about photographing a luxury property for him I was intrigued to meet him in person. I was also surprised to meet a down to earth, levelheaded, and humble guy.

Even though I informed him that I had never photographed luxury real estate before, he insisted on hiring me for the job based on my work and our meeting. Photographing luxury real estate is challenging and rewarding at the same time. In the month leading up to the photo shoot, I was studying architectural and luxury real estate photography as well as learning new techniques behind the camera and in post production. I feel it is a huge responsibility when someone puts there trust in you to deliver their vision and I take it very seriously. I also take it as a chance to push my limits and learn new techniques along the way. All of this being why I enjoyed this shoot as much as I did. David was very pleased with the photos and I can’t wait to work on future projects together.

Exterior image of Whistler luxury house at dusk.
Whistler and Blackcomb views from living room.
Modern house with open concept floor plan in Whistler.
Master bedroom and bathroom with an open  concept floor plan.
Outdoor patio with fire pit and hot tub overlooking Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.