Interview with Brett Tippie – Whistler Editorial Photographer

What an exciting project to work on. Tippie and I were in contact for months trying to get together for an interview and photo shoot for Czech Velo magazine. It tooked us almost 4 months to find a time with both of us having an opening in schedule and the weather being good as well. Tippie is one of the godfathers of freeriding, and the funniest guy I have ever interviewed. Even if you don’t know him you will know of him if he is around. His endless jokes and laud laughter is spreading around faster that you can imagine. He is also professional not only on bikes but off of them as well. When I arrived to his house, Tippie was already waiting outside ready to go. Thanks to my profession I met lots of interesting people in my life who share their stories with me and invited me into their home. I feel very lucky to be a person who gets to talk to inspiring athletes and share their stories with you through my photos and words.