Grow Conference documentation in Whistler

I received a phone call from my client Newsrooms about photographing GROW conference in Whistler. Based on our conversation, I knew I would love this photo shoot as it was different. The client wanted very specific look for the images which were posted every 10 – 15 min on various social media channels. It was pretty much live documentation of all events during the conference. I loved the fast working environment when I had 10 minutes to get a shot of guest speaker, audience, sponsors. Then I run to media room so my assistant can quickly edit the session, colour corect and pass it to writers who then used it for tweets or instagram posts. Because of frequent posts I also had to look for different and creative angles so the posts don’t look the same.
Event photographer in Whistler
Whistler event photographer
Whistler event photography sesrvices
Documentation photography in Whistler
Guest Speaker at GROW conference.
Speakers at GROW conference.
Event venues in Whistler
Whistler event photographer
Sunset at top of Whistler mountain.
Sunset view from top of Whistler gondola