Get over it – mountain bike trail in Whistler.

Love the name of the trail. I either had to get over it, or get over my frustration if I wasn’t able to. 5 friends, 2 trails, 1 photoshoot. What a fun day it was. I feel like a happy kid again, anytime I am able to get on bike and take the photos. It’s been an amazing season so far. I hit the trails more times already than last year for the whole season! My confidence grows with each bike ride and I am happy to have so many patient friends, who are great bikers and are happy to slow down and show me the tricks.. A friend of mine, great photographer, showed me these tiny  little tripods he bought. He shoots a lot of biking and to get a good shot,   you need extra flashes most of the time. The biggest problem with that is, you need the stands or tripod to lit the riders. He found these tiny tripods, you can easily attach to 2 in – 2 ft wide tree.  $70 investment for 2 tripods, seems to  be one of the best invenstements I’ve done lately. All photos are shot with 2 external flashes triggered by pocket wizards. And, thanks to Pez, there is a photo of me too!