Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital – Squamish corporate photography

I recently had the pleasure of working with Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital. I’ve photographed people with their pets before but never in this type of environment or with that many animals in one place. Going into it I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I walked into the building no one was at the front desk. Suddenly, a very friendly dog jumped up on it’s hind legs and peered over the counter at me. I knew right at that moment it was going to be a fun shoot. Having a shot literally jump at you when you walk in the door doesn’t always happen and I’m quite thrilled when it does. Once I sat down with the good people at Garabaldi Veterinary Hospital we got to work on the types of shots they had in mind. They were so well organized and such a pleasure to work with. Sometimes working with animals can be unpredictable but not this time. We got everything that they were looking for and still had time left. I used that oopportunity to get some bonus exterior shots for them. Thanks for the good times guys and girls!
Squamish photography
Squamish photographer
Veterinary hospital in Squamish.
Staff at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in Squamish.
Doctor examines pets at vet hospital.
Cat only examination room at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital