beers on parking lot after biking.

Sunrise stretch and yoga in Whistler.

reflection of surfer carrying surfboard on bike

Surfer in Maui sunset.

Friends having beer on beach after surfing.
Watching waves at Sombrio Beach on Vancouver Island.

Carrying surfboard on bike on beach inTofino.

Man with Christmas tree.

Maui surfboards as signs in store.

Whistler yoga and meditation.

Outdoor yoga in Whistler.

Paddleboarding during sunrise on Alta Lake, Whistler.

Pond hockey on Alta Lake, Whistler.

DH rider pushing bike uphill.

Road biking in Callaghan valley Whistler.

Group of friends going skiing in Whistler.

Relaxation yoga by the lake in Whistler.

Surfing in Las Flores in El Salvador.

Loading bikes into train.
Bike apres in Whistler.