Dirt Series mountain bike camps – Whistler commercial photography.

Want to learn how to mountain bike or bring your skills to whole new level? Dirt Series mountain bike camps offer weekend long camps in both Canada and US. The cool part about it – it’s all about women learning together. I signed up for the camps twice and learn so much just in one weekend. The coaches were great, all of them are very knowledgeable, patient and great athletes. They understand what goes in your mind, your fear better than anyone else. They went through their own challenges and fears on their own. What I find the most important with these camps is consistency. It doesn’t matter what group you end up being with or who is your coach – you learn a lot. This is the biggest difference when I compare them to other lessons I took in the past.

At the end of the summer I ended up taking pictures for their new website and other marketing material for the next season. These photo shoots have to be planned almost a year ahead. We chose a local trail – Cut yer Bars to include shots with beginner level as well as more advanced levels, skills sessions and coaches sessioning technical areas with students.
Whistler commercial photographer
Whistler commercial photography
Whistler photography
Whistler photographer
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Women biking in Whistler.
Dirt Series bike camps