Crankworx Festival – Sport event photography

Justa Jeskova - Whistler photographer.

Without a doubt, Crankworx is my favourite festival and pretty much it’s my highlight of the year as well. Beside all the mountain bike action and races you get to see amazing work from talented and best bike photographers and videographers in the industry. What it means is usually sleepless nights to edit all your photos from the races and other events, carrying heavy backpack in 30+C heat and somehow to deal with your non-biking clients at the same time. This year was different, I haven’t had any assignments and it was actually nice to step back and enjoy the festival on its own. Having longer chats on course or a drink on the patio after is something I don’t get to experience often. I did however miss the thrill of the pressure to deliver and a constant push to find new angles on the race course. Not taking photos was no option for me. It was actually fun to go up there and experiment with new locations. As everything calmed down this week, I finally started to edit those pictures and here are a few of them I can share with you.
Canadian Open DH race during Crankworx, Whistler. Whistler Enduro World Series during Crankworx festival. Crankworx Garbanzo downhill race, Whistler.