Crankworx – Canadian Open DH race

Wow.  Crankworx has been over for couple of days now and I already miss it. The festival I’ve been looking forward for so long  passes by me so fast.   I think I became a bike addict or something. I can watch biking movies or browse the biking photos forever. There are couple of bike magazines on my bedside table, and I am already planning my next weekend – biking and shooting. Anyway enough talking about my mountain biking obsession.
The last day of Crankworx is good as the slopestyle event the day before. The Canadian Open Downhill race. Steep rockfaces, technical rooty singletracks and new bottom jump section makes this race for an awesome show. I chose to shoot at the famous heckle fest rock closer to the top. If you were there you know what I am talking about. If not, you missed out, but this video might give you an idea what was happening there for a few hours. Even I got heckled and cheered on by the shirtless guys and abused by a naked guy.  lol.