Corporate outdoor head shots.

Sometimes I get asked if I could do the head shots. Often I find out that my client is not sure if they would like to have an outdoor or an indoor head shot. It is a right question to ask and I feel the best is to look at the company you work for. If it is a bigger corporation, we might need to follow up some guidelines and choose the proper background. Sometimes it is just better to match the rest so there is some unity in the pictures across the whole company. However if you are a small business, I find the outdoor pictures can add a bit of personality to your head shots. I have seen images from outdoor formal head shot to something more relaxed like doing something you like to do, biking, skiing, etc. It is the best if you consult your options with your photographer. If you have a small business operating from office ( lawyer, business consultant, etc) maybe a formal outdoor or indoor picture is the best. However if you are yoga teacher, life coach or in landscape business – I would suggest a more informal outdoor picture and nice portrait in a great looking garden or in meditation pose, etc..
And here are a few examples of corporate outdoor head shots from my last week shoot.
Corporate photography in Whistler