It is hard to get any good winter images this year. The winter comes one day and is gone before we get to enjoy the fresh snow. Warm temperatures and rain make it impossible to capture the winter beauty the way I imagined in my head. Still, on those couple of occasions we received the white blanket, I packed the camera and went outside to photograph some fresh stock. The picture of a snowplow was a test of my patience as I was standing by the road for an hour hoping it would show up soon. Luckily a friend of mine pulled his car over and I had a great company around while waiting.
Creekside village view in winter. Whistler.
Ski apres on snowy day in Whistler.
Snowplow clearing Hwy99 road.
Whistler ski resort in winter.

Another snowfall is in forecast and when I am not photographing for clients these are the days I frantically start planning the last minute stock photo shoots. I love photography and stock allows me to focus and photograph what I want. There are no deadlines or directions from a client. It’s solely up to me to decide what I am going to photograph. To get good quality pictures it is important that you will wait for the perfect conditions. Based on your subject, sometimes you need sun, other days you might prefer a snowy day. However the most important part to make your winter photography look good is fresh snow. And that’s something we haven’t seen much this year. After a fresh snowfall, I would walk around the village or hike up the mountains to get a stunning views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, sometimes I call my friends and see if they are up for an adventure. With possible fresh snow in the valley tomorrow I can’t wait to get out there with my friends for a few cross country laps around Lost Lake while stopping at the scenic spots to get a few pictures of this awesome place I call my home. Now let’s just hope we will wake up tomorrow morning and see blanket of snow covering Whistler valley.
Whistler village ski resort.
Outdoor skate ring at Whistler Olympic Plaza in the village.
Winter Whistler village and Olympic Plaza at dusk.