It is so worth to get up at 5:30am. I wish I had a strength and will to wake up this early more often. Taking a photo like this at sunrise makes me think how many opportunities did I miss? paddleboarding with canadian geese

If only every day looked like this one, life would be perfect. Whistler winter photos

What an awesome event for women! I only heard of it when I was asked to document the event for Tourism Whistler. Mudderella, designed by women, is 5-7 mile long muddy obstacle course for women. It is not a race, it is an awesome adventure with your female friends. It was amazing to experience it from behind the lens – seen the courage, support, laugh, togetherness, struggle, fun, strength – it was all there in every team. And living up to its name, Whistler weather added lots of natural mud with rain and sun mixing it up during the event.

Whistler event photography
Whistler photographer
Mudderella obstacle course
Sport event photographer
Whistler photographer
Whistler photography

You know that feeling when you keep saying ” I should this, I wanna do this..” and then you never get around it. It is always in back of your mind, but there is always something more important. If I am honest – I just get lazy. There is always an excuse, there is always next week, until you realize this is it. It is either now or I miss another opportunity. That’s how I feel about this photo shoot – I love shooting stock – it is what I want to photograph, still thinking what’s in demand, but at the end it is my decision how the images going to look like, what/who is my subject, etc.
It’s been three years since I have been planning to go up the gondola and take some sunset pictures around Roundhouse lodge. Of course the whole summer I found excuses not to go up there until last day of gondola being open until late. I didn’t feel like going up, but once I got out I thought.. “What took me so long? Why all those excuses? Look how beautiful the mountains are in late light.” And I got rewarded with a nice sunset. It is not always like that but I felt it was reminder that I should not be wasting the opportunities I have.

New Whistler gondola in sunset.
BBQ at top of Whistler mountain.
Roundhouse lodge in summer.
Sunset reflection in Rendezvous restaurant on Blackcomb mountain.

When my returning client asked me if I would do a photography course with him during his stay in Whistler, I got really excited. Before I started my own business I worked for a photo company in town as a manager and senior photographer. Over my 10 years there, I have been teaching photography tips and doing critiques with all new photographers that came to Whistler for a season. It’s so rewarding to see how much they improved over the course of 4-5 months.
One of the tips I tell all the photographers is the good light. That what separate a great photographer from a good one. If you want to progress as a photographer and once you know your basics it is all about the light. You learn to “read” it. To show him what I meant I took my client to Rainbow park for sunrise. The lake is calm most of the early mornings. We arrived early to find our angles and waited patiently for sunrise. While giving him tips on how to improve his photography skills and giving him a direct feedback I also snapped couple of pictures.
It is worth getting up at 5am and watch Whistler to wake up slowly into another beautiful day.
Sunrise at Rainbow park, Whistler, BC.
Photos of Whistler, BC.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra played in Whistler again this summer bringing classical music to Whistler Olympic Plaza. Who can say no to an outdoor concert on beautiful summer night? Through four days in July, we were treated to nine free performances, including chamber music throughout Whistler Village, and three main concerts at the Olympic Plaza.

Whistler event photography
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performing at Whistler Olympic Plaza.
Whistler Institute Orchestra at Milennium Place,

BC Bike Race is far more than a race. It’s also seven day adventure that you won’t forget. It’s a tour of British Columbia’s West Coast singletrack. Over six hundred racers started their journey on day 1 in Cumberland, and raced each day in different town on Coast – Powell River, Earls Cove to Sechelt, Sechelt to Langdale, North Vancouver, Squamish and finishing the race in Whistler. This was also the hottest year during BV bike race history. Beside scorching heat, the riders had to deal with dehydration and dusty conditions. My approach to photograph this event was little different than shooting regular race. My client needed the images that would capture the atmostphere around finish line as well a few racing photos. The focus was the finish line so shooting at the best racing spot wasn’t feasible. Instead of action I opted for Haul Back hill at the beginning of the race. This way I was able to get the racers together in challenging terrain and morning light. After that I moved to last piece of singletrack in Lost Lake just before the finish to capture Whistler singletrack and some audience cheering on racers. From there it was only 5 minute walk to finish line to capture the rest and most important photos for the client. Each client has different needs and the way I shot this race reflects it.
BC bike race final stage in Whistler
BC bike race final stage at Lost Lake Whistler

Canada Day! The hot and dry weather this year made for an even livelier celebration than past ones. It’s been years since I made it to the village to watch the Canada Day parade. The town is full of people celebrating and participating in various activities. Moving to Canada was a big dream of mine and it is moments like these that make me realize I am living my dream. Listening to the Canadian anthem live always gets me teary. Luckily I had my camera to hide behind. It is amazing to see the pride in people’s eyes. Whistler is an incredible place for Canada Day. The town puts on a great show and many festivities over the long weekend. With street entertainment and family fun packed activities there is plenty to choose from. This year I was asked to document Canada Day for Tourism Whistler and here is a selection of my favourite photographs.
Canada Day parade in Whistler
Celebrating Canada Day in Whistler.
Whistler event photography

Whistler Blackcomb food and beverage department has undergone some major changes for the 2014-2015 winter season. They now have first ever all vegetarian restaurant, Raven’s Nest on Whistler mountain. It is the first of its kind at ski resorts in North America. However that’s not the only change. They have also changed the menu at Garbo’s, small slope-side place to get the best burgers in town. These delicious burgers are made with naturally raised, anti-biotic and hormone free beef with option of great add-on like free range egg, BC bacon, guacamole and more.
As a Whistler outdoor lifestyle photographer I usually photograph people and various activities, however this photo shoot was a great opportunity to take pictures of something new. For sure, the biggest challenge was looking at this delicious food for a few hours. And here are a few samples you can drool about.

Burgers at Garbo's at Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb places to eat.
Best burgers in Whistler.
Eating freshly made burgers at Garbo's BBQ at the bottom of Whistler gondola.
Whistler commercial photographer.

Active lifestyle images are probably my favourite to capture. Photographing healthy lifestyle and life in motion is something I enjoy more and more. I jump at every opportunity to capture the outdoor activities and luckily I have a few great and inspiring friends who are open-minded to my ideas. Maeve is one of them. She owns Whistler Kids Yoga and Yoga with Maeve Jones and is an amazing yoga instructor, teacher and listener. We teamed up for a few outdoor yoga shoots last summer. The alarm was set to not so friendly 5am before sunrise. It’s not easy to wake up this early, however it is so worth it when we do. I love the quiet mornings by the lake while most people are still sleeping we would enjoy the first rays of sun. I also start rushing Maeve as we less then 5 minutes to capture it.

Morning sun and yoga at Alta Lake Whistler
Yoga and meditation by Lost Lake Whistler
Sunrise yoga by Alta Lake Whistler
Whistler outdoor yoga
Whistler outdoor yoga with Maeve