THE BEST DAY EVER. I am having a blast skiing on Whistler mountain  with my friend. My Slovak jersey and a hat is on and I am having conversations with random people in a gondola or on a chairlift about my country. Most people have no idea about Slovakia. Most people have no clue about geography at all, which I found quite shocking!  By mid day I received a few  phone calls from Slovakia that we won our first gold! I can’t believe it. It came by total surprise when Anastazia Kuzmina won our first ever Gold in winter Olympic history. My country is celebrating, champagne, laughter, happiness is all over country. The phone keeps ringing non-stop. My friend Reggie brings me 2 tickets to victory ceremony, 2 other people just hand me couple more and my friends and I are going inside to Celebration Plaza to see our girl and to sing our anthem. thank you so much! It’s the best day ever. Our girls in women hockey lost 18:0 to Canada today and people laugh at us, some of my friends joking, some colegues can’t wait to just tell me the score, laugh and pushing it little too far but that will never stop my spirit because guess what.. we’ve got the gold and what do you have at this point? most likely nothing.  I am so proud of these girls, because 20 years ago girls in my country, women were not allowed to play hockey, girls in today’s Slovakia have a very hard time to play hockey at small age, most of them putting the skates on for the first time  when they are late teens. I remember playing a game and loosing 21:2 to a team who played for a few years and we just learnt how to skate that summer, I remember the people who came to watch us and they thought we are a big  joke and laughed at us. And all we wanted was playing hockey. I know how you felt yesterday after the game. However I am so proud of you for being here, for being so strong and passionate about something, with no support from local hockey clubs or country that there is nothing to stop you. In 20 years, you made it from a sport that was not allowed to be played by women to an Olympic sport. You never gave up and you play with your hearts and for that reason I am very proud of you. GO SLOVAKIA GO! On a day like today you never wanna see the sun go down!

Feb 12th. What an excitement today, the day started with emotional torch relay in Vancouver. Seing people like Steve Nash, Walter Gretzky, Terry Fox’s dad running with torch brought tears into my eyes. Then we got the devastating news. Nodar Kumaritashvili died during luge training this morning in Whistler. I didn’t feel like celebrating any more.  later that night I watched the opening ceremony and I was amazed how John Furlong and Jacques Rogge pulled it all together. The olympic spirit is back. I went to village to celebrate and see Canadian athletes ( racing in Whistler) .  Awesome vibe in village and I am so happy to be part of it. I was lucky to high five all the athletes! Good luck to you all! See the picture from this awesome night.