As Whistler sport and lifestyle photographer, I was very happy to receive an email from Whistler Blackcomb, that based on my portfolio, they would like to work with me this winter. Whistler Blackcomb is known for using the best outdoor photographers for their photo shoots so to get on the board with the famous guys, I feel pretty honoured. We planned it a few times, but had to cancelled either for the bad weather or not having enough models. Two weeks ago, finally everything clicked and we shot all needed lifestyle photos on Whistler Mountain. I can’t wait to see how Whistler Blackcomb will use them.
Getting ready to hit the slopes!

As Whistler sport and lifestyle photographer, I was excited about the list of needed photos for The Adventure Group. One of them was snowmobile family photo shoot. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really what we expected, however at the end we all had lots of fun and got what we needed. The boys were super excited to ride the mini sleds and we had a hard time to get them out of there. Here are a small sample from our snowmobile adventure at Cougar Mountain, Whistler.

During my lifestyle photo shoot, I ran into a friend of mine. As Whistler photographer, I always love surprise like this, especially when my camera is in my hands. Chad Hamilton is having fun at Cougar Lake, Whistler. And I am having fun behind the camera.

Snowmobiling in Whistler, BC.

The whole valley is covered with white blanket of snow. Go out and play! Take advantage of one of the unique winter activities in Whistler and enjoy the thrill of a snowmobile ride through the pristine backcountry.

Whistler snowmobile tours at Cougar mountain.

Whistler lifestyle.

Snowmobiling at Cougar Mountain, Whistler

As a Whistler lifestyle photographer I am always looking for something to shoot outside. I went for a little drive to shoot sunset but I wasn’t able to find anything worthy. I was in the car thinking about the other options when this couple just started to skate around on the lake. As a huge hockey fan – this photo means paradise to me. The winter in Whistler is a bit different than a typical Canadian winter. We only get a small window of time when we get to play hockey on the lake and those are the moments I enjoy the most.

Winter is here and with that tons of snow on the mountain as well. Finally I was able to organize a quick winter lifestyle photo shoot.

Getting ready to hit the slopes!

Merry Christmas everybody! My present came a few days earlier. Cover of Velo magazine in January. As a mountain biking photographer I can’t imagine better way to start a new year! Thanks to Chris Draper for being crazy!

Such a fun day! Chris Draper, George Amos and I are crazy enough to drive to Pemberton, lock the keys in the truck in the middle of nowhere, hike the bikes in the deep snow, freeze and still call it a fun day! And we’ve got some killer results too!

George Amos

Chris Draper

Cover in Dirt Rag! As a mountain biking photographer, I am always happy to see my photo on the cover. This time, the happiness doubles for the effort that went into this photo shoot. Getting up at 2:00am and hiking all night to be at the top of the mountains by 5:00 am for the sunrise, it’s not the ideal way I spent my nights.. but once the sun came out, you know it was all worth it! It was still cloudy around 3am and I was just hoping that by the time we get up there the clouds would disappear. And they did! Huge thanks goes to Laci Tomas, the rider, and one of the nicest people I know. This would not happened without his help, great knowledge of the area and the commitment. It was his idea to go and shoot at sunrise, which really surprised me, as most of the riders would not hike all night for me to just get a shot.

Sunrise in Fatra Mountains, Slovakia.

My first ever published article became the feature article in Velo bike magazine – November issue. Writing is definitely my weakness, but thanks to right amount of push to do something I have never thought I am capable of and tons of help and tweaking to perfection from the editor, we made it happen! Oh, and it’s about WORCA (Whistler Off Road Mountain Cycling Association) in case you don’t speak Czech..

mountain biking in Whistler

Interview with Paul Rawlinson

Twonie race in Whistler, organized by WORCA.