After 2 weeks, Steve and I traveled back to North Shore to get more photos for an article I have been working on recently. The weather man was wrong again. Both of us thought it would be nice, cloudy and fairly warm day for end of March. North Shore reality, this time, was wet, rainy, snowy, dark and very cold. Neither of us could feel the fingers at the end of 8 hour shoot. Despite the freezing and wet weather, the feeling of accomplishment, once I sat in the heated truck and sipped my hot tea, was priceless. Thanks to Steve Storey for sticking it out in tough conditions.

Dark, wet, cold, yet beautiful North Shore.

Quick photo collage from portrait and lifestyle shoot with Chantal Limoges. We met on Whistler mountain and had tons of fun during the shoot.

Check out this beauty!

Another weekend. Another day shooting mountain biking on North Shore. As a mountain biking photographer, I am always looking for new riders who are not only good on bikes but are into video and photo shoots as well. They understand that photo shoot is not really about riding, but doing the same feature over and over until I am happy with the picture or standing around waiting for the perfect light. This time I was able to hook up with Steve Storey from Shegnarnigans . If you haven’t seen their bike videos yet you should definitely check them out. Knowing that Steve is in most of their movies and photo shoots, I knew I found the rider I was looking for. Steve took me to a few different trails on North Shore with amazing features or scenery. We definitely got some killer shots and I can’t wait to go back for more! Here are some pics from behind the scene.

North Shore.

I know it’s only March, but North Shore offers great riding these days. It’s hard to believe with the amount of snow we are getting here in Whistler. Last week I went down to shoot, do an interview and even found the time for a quick ride to finish an awesome day. Tomorrow I am heading back with a new rider, so stay tuned!

One more time, guys! How many times did I say it?

Aaron Kaspar riding on North Shore.

The boys took me snowmobiling up to the top of Rainbow Mountain last week. What an awesome trip! Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in so we didn’t get anything worthy, however it was a great adventure. Yay! Can’t wait to go back there again and take some pictures with some blue skies.

It was a last minute shoot to get some promotional images for The Adventure Group. The view is simply stunning, if you have a chance to look around. The unique system allows two people to ride side-by-side, each on their own cable during this scenic tour. The largest zip-line is over 1500’ in length, 400’ above the ground and offers a 200’ elevation drop from launch to landing, reaching speeds of up to 100km/hr (60mph)! Woohoo!

Winter Zip Line at Cougar Mountain.

It doesn’t happen very often that editor would email to tell me that he would like to do an interview with me. I remember reading the email with mixed feelings. Yes, I was super excited, but not so sure about the whole idea at the same time. I am an aspiring mountain biking photographer, chasing my dreams. I really wasn’t sure how he can fill out 6 pages rambling about me and keeping it interesting. To answer all the questions, I had to stop for a moment in my always busy life and re-evaluate my life, think about the mistakes I’ve done in the past and what I’ve learned from them as well looking into the future and see which direction I want to go. When I received the proof, I couldn’t believe what I read. The guys at VELO did an amazing job. The moment I saw the title (Potrebuji v zivote prekazky = To be happy, I need the obstacles in my life) I thought they know me better than I know myself.

Velo magazine - interview

Without the riders, I would never be where I am today! Thank you, guys!

Velo magazine - interview.

As a mountain biking photographer, being published is one of the best things I can ask for. Last summer, during Crankworx festival in Whistler, I was lucky to meet Tomas Slavik – 2010 World Cup Champion in fourcross. Tomas is an amazing rider and towards the end of the festival we managed to meet for a very quick photoshoot. I am glad to see it paid off.

Tomas Slavik riding in Whistler mountain bike park during Crankworx festival

Great news! Trek Dirt Series bike camps used couple of my images for their new 2012 poster. As a mountain biking photographer, news like this always make my day! Mine is the main poster picture and the middle insert. If you’re looking to learn new skills, increase your confidence on the bike, or simply enjoy the sport like never before, these mountain bike camps are for you. I attended one camp last year and I already signed up for another one this year. Plenty of locations to choose from. They sell out fast, so sign up soon.

Trek Dirt Series mountain bike camps.

Finally, the first bike shoot of the year is done! I missed it so much! As a mountain biking photographer, I can’t wait to get out there and ride my bike and shoot some biking action. And could I ask for a better location than North Shore? I don’t think so.

Whistler mountain biking photographer

Aaron Kaspar riding on North Shore, BC.