Looks like winter’s done here in Whistler. Some of the SheGNARnigans crew took advantage of the early start to the season by getting out for a few laps in Pemberton. Finally we had a chance to try our new bike clothing from Royal Racing. The guys look so good in the new gear. Thanks for the support, Royal!

Steve Storey and Mike Sousa chilling out after a great day riding in Pemberton.

Three races over three days – the ultimate test of a North Shore Ripper! Chainless Downhill, Euro Enduro and Super D! Here are couple of photos from this great event.

Chainless Downhill, North Shore Ripper.

Euro Enduro, North Shore Ripper.

As a mountain biking photographer, I am always excited to hear the news when I get a cover. This year, it is already my 3rd cover at Velo magazine, which doubles the excitement. Rider is the editor himself, Ruda Hronza.

Ruda Hronza - Praque, Czech Republic.

From Leogang in Austria, we made our way to Val Di Sole in Italy. This was my first time shooting 4x Pro Tour. The qualifying round was kind of boring, but watching the actual racing the next day was different game and super exciting. I don’t understand why UCI would get rid of such an exciting competition. The whole show started at 8:30pm, with tons of fans cheering the racers.
Here is a quick photo collage from the event.

Kamil Tatarkovic racing at Val Di Sole, Italy

As a mountain biking photographer, I was excited to jump at the opportunity to join Kamil Tatarkovic from Commencal FDF Team on his travels. During our 9 day trip through Europe, we have couple of races to cover and shoot some editorial stuff as well. Our first stop was Leogang, Austria for iXS European Downhill Cup. Here is a quick photo collage from the race weekend.

Kamil Tatarkovic racing iXS European Downhill race in Leogang.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out, that one of my photo was used for the cover of the Get Out There magazine. The photo is from a promotional shoot for Trek Dirt Series. As a woman, sometimes a bit intimidated on my bike among all those guys, I found out that this is one of the best way to learn the tricks of mountain biking. These camps are for women only, who share the same passion as you do. Knowing how much these camps helped me, I signed up again this year. Check it out at www.dirtseries.com

Get Out There Magazine Cover

I have to admit this was one of the biggest assignments I have done for a magazine so far. As a mountain biking photographer I have been lucky to work with such a great crew – not just in front of my lenses. Working with Ruda Hronza, the editor of Velo magazine, is a photographer’s dream. He is very professional, funny, encouraging and super helpful. What started as a small idea during one of my photo shoots on North Shore – became 13 page featured story about North Shore, including an interview with the famous trail builder Digger. To top it of ( with a little push) we’ve got the cover as well! Thanks to the riders James Brooks, Aaron Kaspar and especially Steve Storey for hours of riding the same features over and over.

Steve Storey, North Shore.

Steve Storey, North Shore.

Aaron Kaspar and James Brooks, North Shore.

I was very pleased, when asked if I could help with filming for 72 hour Filmmaker Showdown during Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival. Filmmakers are tasked to shoot, edit and produce a 3-5 minute short film within 100km radius of Whistler over the course of 72 hours. I have never done any video before, however thanks to Jonathan Peterson – the master of this film, I completely felt in love with making movies. Despite 72 hour challenge, I was amazed how relaxed Jon could be and how much time he spent showing me some tricks while filming. There is so much pressure to make this crazt deadline and this only shows how talented and composed Jon is. Ollie Popley was the second guy behind the lens, however the film would not happened without a great crew in front of the lens and behind the scenes. Despite my already crazy schedule, I was happy to find some time to help these guys with filming. My contribution was fairly small comparing the rest of the crew, however I loved being part of this creative crew, sharing the ideas and feeding of each other. The film – Good Times – made the finals and we were all stoked to see it on the big screen in front of 1800 strong audience!
Good Times by Jonathan Peterson

Usually I have a plan when going for a photo shoot. As a mountain biking photographer, I like to scout my locations, make mental notes about sun position and how the trail changes during the season.. Some of them are better to photograph in the spring, the other ones are better in the fall. This time, I’ve been extremely busy with other stuff and I haven’t really found the time to prep for the shoot. Luckily, with great crew, we had an awesome ride and found one spot where we shot quite a bit. After the whole day edit, I am pretty happy with what we’ve got. Big thanks to the riders: Candace Shadley from Dirt Series and Jon Anthony Mangosteen!

Mountain biking in Squamish.

As a mountain biking photographer, one of the best feelings is when I flip through the magazine I really think is one of the best out there and I come across my photo. This time I was super excited to see a double spread in recent Bike Magazine. The photo is from Slovakia, pretty much very close to my hometown. Laco Tomas, my new friend and bike guide at home, took me for a night hike to one of the close by peaks to shoot the sunrise. This photos was pretty much at the end of our 3 hour morning shoot, around 8 am. The light was still good and I loved that fresh green colour. I remember running around trying to find a great angle. Ignoring the tree, we’ve got some nice shots, but nothing really creative. Then I looked at that tree and it all clicked! Once I climbed up the tree and saw the hole through the brunches, I knew we’ve got the shot.

Laco Tomas. Greater Fatra, Slovakia.