Steve and I were able to check out a snow cave on Blackcomb mountain last year. It’s not far away from T-bars and it is easy to find if there is lack of snow during winter season. We snapped some pictures and not even a year later I am excited to find one of those photos in the recent Winter/Spring issue of Mountain Life magazine. It’s hard to believe that such high quality magazine is free and you can pick it up in various stores and cafe places around Sea To Sky Corridor. Besides amazing world class photography you will also find interesting stories from the area.
Whistler snow cave

Flipping through the latest issue of Bike magazine and what do I find? One of my pictures from biking trip to El Salvador earlier this year made it to Bike’s gallery. This berm gap was one of many features on an ultra fun DH track in Eco Parque El Espino.The locals have created an amazing bike park down there. It’s definitely a worthy destination for any traveling mountain biker, especially if you surf to.
Mountain biking in El Salvador.

Steve and I are very excited to have our feature story published in the recent Dirt Rag magazine issue. 9 pages of photos, cover and the story about Guatemalan biking trails, written by Steve Storey, is something you want to read. Especially if you like adventure on a bike.
“…Planning started as soon as our last Central America adventure ended. We knew we had only scratched the surface the previous year when we visited El Salvador. It was only fitting that we return to explore more uncharted territory, this time in Guatemala, where we had heard fabled stories of El Zur and La Piedra del Tigre. But were we chasing after something that didn’t exist, or that had been grossly exaggerated? The Plan: Cram bikes, camera gear, and six people into a severely undersized pickup truck for two weeks and ride as many places as possible…”
mtb trails in Guatemala Mountain biking in Guatemala.

It’s been a while since my last cover with Velo magazine. It was a last minute call from editor for a high resolution image and a few hours later it went to printing. The picture is from an amazing area of Rabinal, Guatemala. Remote place in the country, even shuttle companies haven’t heard about it. We spent all morning riding and shooting in a burn zone on the fringes of desert. It was really hot by 7am and everything was covered in soot. Rider, Steve Storey, was trying to cover both – photos on small bike and videos on big bike – running from one place to another in between the shoots. Hardest working guy out there and I am so happy that he ended up being on that cover. Well deserved! Hard work paid off and those 4:30am mornings don’t seem that bad a few months later. It is exciting to see the stuff from our trip starting to show up in magazines.

Earlier this month I was asked by GrindTV if I would like to contribute to their weekly feature “How I got the shot”. I have to admit I was really surprised and honored at the same time. Seeing big names like Scott Markewitz, John Wellburn, Adam Clark, Bruno Long, Robin O’Neill and many more put a little knot into my throat and suddenly an easy task changed into a hunt for the perfect picture. I decided to go with a biking photo of Steve Storey taken during our trip to El Salvador last year. Maybe it’s not the best photo I have, however I always thought this picture would end up as a double spread in an magazine because of unique and creative look at racing. The photo ended up in couple of magazines but only as a small thumbnail size. Feel free to check out the whole feature at GrindTV or read behind the scene write up here:
We headed down to El Salvador in April (last year) for a personal project—to shoot photos and create a short film with SheGNARnigans. Steve had broken his hand pretty badly on our first day of filming, so he’d spent the remainder of the trip working closely with me to scout for shots. This shot is from the last day of that trip. We were on the hunt for a different type of race shot—one that would round out some of the images we had already captured.
I remember this day being a particularly difficult one. Extreme heat and patchy light were making it a challenge to stay motivated. Plus, we were out of water, food, and pain killers for Steve’s broken hand. We discovered some race tape left behind from a race we had covered a few weeks earlier, but finding a creative angle to work with it wasn’t panning out.
Steve noticed some flowers quite far off of the trail, and pointed them out to me. At first I was skeptical, but ran over to take a look anyway. I quickly realized they were exactly what I was looking for! It was nearing the end of the day, so we didn’t have much time to capture this shot before dark, but it ended up only taking a few attempts to get exactly what I wanted—good body positioning from the rider and framing it exactly how I had pictured it in my head.
DH racing in Central America.

Brush on your Spanish if you would like to know about our biking trip to El Salvador. It might come handy on your next adventure to Central America or at least you can read our travel story “Into the unknown” in recent issue of Solo Bici Spanish magazine.
We found out right away that Salvadoran riders are very passionate about riding. They follow up the World Cup series and talk about Whistler and their dreams of going to ride there someday. What makes El Salvador so colorful is the people who make up this modestly sized country. From the hustle and bustle of city life to the laid back beach towns, everyone is welcoming and happy to chat and ensure you’re enjoying yourself. The biking scene is fairly small, however the local riders are building new trails and the local shop, Probikes El Salvador, hosts numerous races during the year. We were lucky to be there during DH Copa Probikes and our rider Steve Storey even ended up on podium, finishing 3rd in Elite category. What a sweet bonus! As an adventure photographer I loved the people the most. If we weren’t on tight schedule I would be still photographing locals on streets, local markets or surfers on the beach.
Article was written by Steve Storey.
Mountain biking in El Salvador. Mountain biking adventure trip in El Salvador, Central America Mountain biking in Central America. mountain biking adventure in El Salvador

Being published in Bike magazine is one of those moments that makes my heart race a bit faster. As a Whistler photographer, I find out that this town has so many talented and best sport photographers and it’s really hard to compete with them. Whistler has been photographed so many times that you really need to put some effort to find original angle. Steve and I went to scout a bike trail in our backyard and we were trying to get ahead of this big storm coming. The whole afternoon I only took one picture, it was more of a practice line for Steve and me looking for something. The storm caught with us couple minutes later and the whole forest became really dark. Disappointed we went home only to find out that our only shot is a keeper and now is published in one of the best bike magazines in the world. Score! Rider: Steve Storey, Whistler.

Steve Storey, Whistler.

As a Whistler photographer, I am honored to be published in local Whistler Magazine, this time 9 of my photos appeared on their pages. It’s a bittersweet feeling as this issue also celebrates the life of amazing photographer Bonny Makarewicz, who has been my inspiration since my first day in Whistler. I wanted to be like her one day, successful female photographer in male dominated sport photography field. I didn’t know her that well, but in last 10 years we always chatted on hill or village while shooting various World Cups, ski races or other sport events. These days when I am shooting in challenging environment I always ask myself: “What would Bonny do?”
In this issue, I scored a double spread for a cover story – Taking it slow- showing us the mellow side of this action-packed resort. Thanks to my friend Maeve Jones, an amazing yoga instructor, who got up really early to get this sunrise shot.

Maeve meditating by Alta Lake, Whistler.

As a mountain biking photographer, I get always excited when I get my photo published. Sometimes you just get a bit more excited, either because of the publication it ended in or the photo they chose. In this case, I am very happy to see one of my favourite photo being published after almost 3 years since it was taken. It’s taken around 5:30am after a night hike to the top of the mountain. The weather could’ve gone either way, however we really got lucky this time. After the shoot, Laci and I enjoyed the views, sitting in the grass eating our breakfast and watching the first hikers coming up. Before they reached the top, we headed down.


The guys from Velo magazine surprised me once again. As I flip through their recent March issue, I find another double spread from a shoot I have done in Slovakia couple years ago. When I took that photo and saw it on my camera screen I almost deleted it. I didn’t like it first, and luckily we were in rush to get back so I didn’t have a time to go through the pictures and delete the ones I wasn’t so stoked on. Lucky me. Rider: Laco Tomas.

Laco Tomas, Slovakia.