One of my favourite pictures from Della Creek trip is an opening image for a feature story on riding in Llilooet in current issue of Mountain Life magazine. Rider Steve Storey made sure I am completely covered in dust by end of the shoot.
Della Creek mtb trail in BC.

Last summer I headed up into the alpine for a quick overnight mountain bike shoot. The sunset was unreal! So glad we did it but I could have done without the billions of mosquitoes. This image from that trip of Steve Storey and Fanny Paquette is running in the current of issue of Crank’d magazine.
Alpine mtb trails on Sproat mountain in Whistler.

So excited to finally see this image in print. Steve and I have been going back to this spot for a few times just to get the right conditions and it finally paid off. Thanks to Coast Mountain Culture Magazine for publishing this picture as one page in their photo gallery.
Drop at Salsa Verde trail.

Claire Buchar and I have been working together on this piece over the last year. Due to our conflicting schedules it took a bit longer than we anticipated. Great to finally see this in print in the current issue Czech Velo magazine. Working with Claire on this was so much fun it didn’t even feel like a job. She brought so many great ideas and had a lot of interesting things to say in the interview we did together.
Claire Buchar - Canadian mountain biker.

A quick flashback to our trip to Honduras couple years ago. This picture of Steve Storey and Denis Courchesne searching for new trails in Central America ended up as a double spread in May issue of Czech Velo magazine.
Mountain biking in Honduras.

This picture means a lot to me. More than my love for pond hockey. It was the effort I went through to get the shot. At that time I just came back home from and exhausting trip to India. It wasn’t just 12 hours time change that I had to deal with first week back. I was also still recovering from severe food poisoning and giardia. If that is not enough, we had no home either. Our house and my office burned down only week before our arrival back from our trip and we needed to sort our lives and my livelihood as well.
It was my friend, who called me if I would like to come and take some pictures while he would film. Feeling sick, I still agreed. I wanted to start living normal life as soon as possible. But even a small shoot like this presented lots of problems – I had nothing beside the gear I had with me in India. It was one of those freezing days with -10C and I was wearing clothes from donations and freezing the whole time. Most of the time, I ended up sleeping in the car at the parking lot as the food poisoning took over once again. However I pushed myself to get out of car couple of times to take pictures. And I remember talking to myself: “All you need is one good photo. Just find the right angle and get it done and you can go back to the car for another nap.” I knew the sun would never hit the ice rink and the light was pretty flat, however I noticed a bit of blue sky in the corner and I knew that could make a nice contrast with the white clouds. Suddenly I started to analyze the picture and how it could look in black and white. I knew I wanted to show the mountains in the background and how big the lake was. I found my position and then waited for the right action. And the rest is the history.
This picture is now published as double spread in Mountain Life Magazine current issue.
Pond hockey at Jofree Lakes with mountains in background.

What a great way to finish 2015! Another article published in January issue of Velo magazine in Czech Republic. This time it is from our last year winter escape to Hornby Island!
Hornby Island winter bike adventure

It is always an honor to have your photo printed on the cover of the magazine. The editors have to choose from hundreds if not thousands of images each month. It looks like October is my lucky month as this is 4th October in row I’ve got the cover with Velo magazine in Czech Republic. This picture is from our overnight trip in Whistler alpine. We were attacked by mosquitos all day and night however we still enjoyed the beautiful sunset and sunrise not even talking about the trails we got to ride on our way out. Two bikers with backpacks biking in Whistler backcountry.

Earlier this year I spent some time with Steve and Danny in the woods. Steve, my man and rider in most of the bike photos, have been working on a personal project over 2 years. After being injured during our trip and filming in Central America in 2013 he was off the bike for a while and started to scout for possible new lines to photograph to keep his mind of the injury. Little did he know that it would change into a two year trail building project. Every weekend, rain or shine, he would leave early in the morning, stop by to pick his friend Danny and spent endless hours of building the new trail. He would come home late at night and talked about the progress every time he went out there. During the day, Steve would sent me numerous updates on trail, freshly build berm, a big rock they tried to move the whole day or new line they scouted. Then we have endless discussions about photo shoots over later dinner. In today’s word everyone is a trail builder or a photographer. But there are only a few out who actually do a good job, care about environment while building, and actually finish the trail. Steve is one of them. His passion for trail building is so strong so I joined him a few times to capture it. There were days we were building in freezing rain and despite the weather we had fun. The flask full of 52% Slovak brandy kept us warm during the day and seeing the work we’ve done that day was so rewarding.
Some days I brought up my camera and took some pictures. I am very happy to see that two of those pictures recently made it to Bike Magazine Photo Annual. It reflects the hard work the boys put in over the last few years. Trail building in Whistler.

What an exciting project to work on. Tippie and I were in contact for months trying to get together for an interview and photo shoot for Czech Velo magazine. It tooked us almost 4 months to find a time with both of us having an opening in schedule and the weather being good as well. Tippie is one of the godfathers of freeriding, and the funniest guy I have ever interviewed. Even if you don’t know him you will know of him if he is around. His endless jokes and laud laughter is spreading around faster that you can imagine. He is also professional not only on bikes but off of them as well. When I arrived to his house, Tippie was already waiting outside ready to go. Thanks to my profession I met lots of interesting people in my life who share their stories with me and invited me into their home. I feel very lucky to be a person who gets to talk to inspiring athletes and share their stories with you through my photos and words.