As a Whistler lifestyle photographer, I always look for an opportunity to take some pictures just for fun. I finally finished an edit from a trip to Tofino. While everybody was surfing, I was really good at avoiding the water. (not my thing) The good part about it is I get to take pictures for hours and for fun. I just love hanging out on the beach watching people and listening to the ocean. Here is one of my favourites.

Surfers in Tofino.

Ollie and Steve at Sombrio beach.

Nicole Fitzgerald from Shaw TV asked me if I would be interested to participate in her story on generation gap. The timing was right as I was preparing for Deep Summer Photo Challenge and my theme for this prestigious competition was Generations. Fiona Sutton, my athlete and a friend joined me for this “Behind the Scenes” documentary.

Wow! Something I dreamt about for 4 years actually happened.As a mountain biking photographer I was honoured to be invited to participate in Deep Summer Photo Challenge during the Crankworx festival in Whistler. The contest is not about your career long body of work. It’s about what you can produce in 3 days of shooting anywhere in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park or valley. My team and I were going against 5 other photographers.. Scott Markewitz, Reuben Krabbe, Ian Hylands, Jon Hayward and Mike Zinger. It’s hard to describe what you going through during a competition like this. I thought I would be more stressed out and nervous, instead we laughed, had fun but worked really hard. My team was the best that could happen to me. Amazing people, who where there for me day and night. What a support! So thank you Steve Storey, Mike Gamble, Ollie Jones, Ben Shaw, Fiona Sutton, Finn Finestone, Tom Thomson and my friends!

Deep Summer Photo Challenge 2012 – 3rd Place slideshow

The dream team!