I started to see more and more cinemagraphs in our digital world. Adding a movement to still photography can create a whole new feeling and mood for the photograph and I had to give it a try. I believe that this is something that can help to market your business, get noticed and do something different than most people do. Here is my first cinemagraph, now I just need to tweak them to perfections! What do you think? Biker riding on dh bike away from camera.

If only every day looked like this one, life would be perfect. Whistler winter photos

Only three weeks ago we arrived home after a long backcountry trip through India. Exhausted from intense travels we were really looking forward to the comforts of our home. Unfortunately, a few days before our return, our house was destroyed in a fire including my office. Within a few hours, years of work had disappeared in a pile of debris and ashes.

As a photographer I had dreamed for years of this trip and envisioned the first few days back home editing photos. Unfortunately not everything turns out as planned. I do however plan to not let this own me and I will be back editing and uploading photos as soon as I can. It may be a few weeks but I do look forward to sharing pictures from our journey and can’t wait for everyone to see them.
Whistler photographer Justa Jeskova looking at her burned office.

Earlier this season we finally made our way up to alpine for a photo shoot. There is a new bike trail under construction that will offer amazing views of surrounding mountains. We got up there carrying our sleeping bags, camera gear and food to find ourselves eating our dinner while looking at stunning sunset and being eaten alive by mosquitos and black flies. The night didn’t get any better, mosquitos had a feast all night and doubled in morning. During our shoot in the morning I was wearing mosquito net but still managed to get more than 50 bites on my shoulder where the net was touching my skin. They definitely made our adventure more challenging but even that could not beat the views and sunrise the next day.
Whistler alpine bike trail.
Alpine mountain biking in Whistler
Black Tusk iat sunrise.

Wow. I still can’t believe it happened. We won the Banff Mountain photo essay competition! I say “we” as I feel none of it would happened without my partner Steve, who comes up with these adventures and simply we work great as a team. It was my dream to be a finalist for this contest. I knew taking the win would be very difficult against so many talented photographers from many different industires and backgrounds. Thanks to The Banff Centre for putting this contest together. It is a great platform to share our photos with many peopleinan interesting way. I love the format of storytelling through the photos.
And here is our story from traveling and searching for singletrack in Guatemala.

Banff photo competition winner 2015

Earlier this summer, Steve and I joined a group of bikers to Sun Peaks. Our schedule is fairly busy during the summer and we barely have a chance to hit the road for a quick trip, so this was our opportunity to escape Whistler for a weekend. The guys were racing DH Nationals and I was happy to enjoy the weekend with my friend Lisa. While the boys were training, we decided to avoid the busy park and explore the trails around. We’ve done 20 km xc loop on our first day and then took a gondola up to head for a short loop in the backcountry on second day and watch the race after. The alpine flowers were in full bloom and I had no choice but to pull out the camera and start snapping. Poor Lisa had to ride uphill “one more time” for me to get the shots.

Whistler adventure photographer
Alpine mountain biking in Sun Peaks
Preparation for Canada DH Nationals at Sun Peaks
Travel photographer

Earlier this year I spent some time with Steve and Danny in the woods. Steve, my man and rider in most of the bike photos, have been working on a personal project over 2 years. After being injured during our trip and filming in Central America in 2013 he was off the bike for a while and started to scout for possible new lines to photograph to keep his mind of the injury. Little did he know that it would change into a two year trail building project. Every weekend, rain or shine, he would leave early in the morning, stop by to pick his friend Danny and spent endless hours of building the new trail. He would come home late at night and talked about the progress every time he went out there. During the day, Steve would sent me numerous updates on trail, freshly build berm, a big rock they tried to move the whole day or new line they scouted. Then we have endless discussions about photo shoots over later dinner. In today’s word everyone is a trail builder or a photographer. But there are only a few out who actually do a good job, care about environment while building, and actually finish the trail. Steve is one of them. His passion for trail building is so strong so I joined him a few times to capture it. There were days we were building in freezing rain and despite the weather we had fun. The flask full of 52% Slovak brandy kept us warm during the day and seeing the work we’ve done that day was so rewarding.
Some days I brought up my camera and took some pictures. I am very happy to see that two of those pictures recently made it to Bike Magazine Photo Annual. It reflects the hard work the boys put in over the last few years. Trail building in Whistler.

I have never thought that I would enjoy trail building. As a kid growing up in communist country I had to travel 12 km with my parents to our community garden. Instead of playing with my friends outside I had to go and help gardening. I really hated it and told my parents that one day I will make enough money to buy fruit and veggies. Little did I know that 30 years later I would voluntarily plant the flowers for our deck or that I would be digging for dirt for a trail I won’t be even able to ride. I don’t know when things changed, it happened so slow that I didn’t even noticed. Suddenly I am looking forward weekend to go looking for rocks, cutting the bushes down or digging for hours to find some dirt. First I thought I should just go and help my boyfriend, but lately I find it relaxing, my mind is not thinking about business or other things I need to do. I am just there digging and enjoying the company of my friends. To see our team work and the progress at the end of the day. And the moment when we are just sitting on freshly build bridge looking down into creek and sipping our tasty beverages while your whole body aching.
Building a mountain biking trail in Whistler.

Today, my blog entry “Chasing My Dream, The Deep Summer Photo Challenge” made the top news at Pinkbike. Click on the link to read how I ended up in this prestigious photo competition


It’s been on my list for a few years, however it was only a few weeks ago that I finally made it to Cuba. I always wanted to visit this country before it will change. For a photographer it’s a dream country. I love the old cars. They were the best subject to photograph.