If you are in bike industry you know Tom Pro, Whistler local legend who spent early years managing Whistler Bike Park and now is a co-owner of Gravity Logic – company that designs, plans and builds bike trails and bike parks around the world. It took us a while to find the time for the photo shoot we did for Velo magazine, however once Tom was in, he took me to ride Top of the World with him instead of just doing a quick photo shoot at the bottom of the hill.

Everybody who rode by us would stop by and say hi to Tom.

Suz Graham, professional skier and BASE jumper, asked me if I would take a few photos of her doing yoga for Yoga for skiers article she is working on for backcountry.com
We decided for a morning photo session at the lake and got some sweet pics. It’s so much fun to work with this girl!

Suz Graham.

A few days ago I did the photo shoot with Maeve Jones, local yoga teacher. We decided to do it at the sunrise as she runs her classes early in the morning by the lake. Getting up at 4:30am wasn’t easy at all, but so worth it! The moment the sun came out you could feel its warmth. Add little bit of mist over the peaceful lake and you have the most amazing scenario for your morning yoga session.

Yoga with Maeve.

Last year, I have done quite a few photo shoots for The Adventure Group, an activity company in Whistler. This weekend they have a grand opening for a new and longest zipline in Canada. While we still work on re shooting all their activities and get more images, some of them are already showing in media and advertising.. here are a few of my favourites.

As a Whistler lifestyle photographer, I always look for an opportunity to take some pictures just for fun. I finally finished an edit from a trip to Tofino. While everybody was surfing, I was really good at avoiding the water. (not my thing) The good part about it is I get to take pictures for hours and for fun. I just love hanging out on the beach watching people and listening to the ocean. Here is one of my favourites.

Surfers in Tofino.

Ollie and Steve at Sombrio beach.

Last winter, I was excited to shoot some lifestyle pictures for WB. I remember the warm day in mid January and how lucky we were with the sunny weather that day. Few of my photos are already all over WB website. Here is a small sample.

Lifestyle pictures on whistlerblackcomb.com

I love this  photo. Girls look awesome in this one. I’ve been shooting with flash on camera for years. That’s the way I was tought and for a long time I thought that is the only way to shoot properly. What a mistake! It’s time to change it. Any time I am on stock photo shoot I tend to either not use the flash or use external flashes triggered by pocket wizards. There is no flash used capturing this photo. I have a tendency to overexpose the images and blow up the background. All postproduction is done in lightroom. I created my own preset called Skin Tones.. and as you can see the photo has much more glow and life to it than original.