It is so worth to get up at 5:30am. I wish I had a strength and will to wake up this early more often. Taking a photo like this at sunrise makes me think how many opportunities did I miss? paddleboarding with canadian geese

We were lucky to have couple weeks of fresh snow in the valley. I don’t remember when was the last time I had to shovel and dig out my car so much. My life gets a bit chaotic as I am trying to fit as many photo shoots into this short timeline to get the best out of it. The pictures are from a quick stock shoot with a friend and an amazing yoga instructor. We got out and just had fun in the white fluff.
Running in snowshoes in deep snow.Young woman enjoying fresh snow fall. Young woman enjoying view from snow covered bridge.Girl laughing as snow fell on her.

Have you tried fat biking yet? If not, you are missing out on another great way to explore the trails in Whistler valley. While I would not recommend to hit the black diamond singletrack on your first ride, I have to admit, fat biking offers a new excitement when exploring your neighborhood.
Whistler photography
Whistler photographer

What an awesome event for women! I only heard of it when I was asked to document the event for Tourism Whistler. Mudderella, designed by women, is 5-7 mile long muddy obstacle course for women. It is not a race, it is an awesome adventure with your female friends. It was amazing to experience it from behind the lens – seen the courage, support, laugh, togetherness, struggle, fun, strength – it was all there in every team. And living up to its name, Whistler weather added lots of natural mud with rain and sun mixing it up during the event.

Whistler event photography
Whistler photographer
Mudderella obstacle course
Sport event photographer
Whistler photographer
Whistler photography

You know that feeling when you keep saying ” I should this, I wanna do this..” and then you never get around it. It is always in back of your mind, but there is always something more important. If I am honest – I just get lazy. There is always an excuse, there is always next week, until you realize this is it. It is either now or I miss another opportunity. That’s how I feel about this photo shoot – I love shooting stock – it is what I want to photograph, still thinking what’s in demand, but at the end it is my decision how the images going to look like, what/who is my subject, etc.
It’s been three years since I have been planning to go up the gondola and take some sunset pictures around Roundhouse lodge. Of course the whole summer I found excuses not to go up there until last day of gondola being open until late. I didn’t feel like going up, but once I got out I thought.. “What took me so long? Why all those excuses? Look how beautiful the mountains are in late light.” And I got rewarded with a nice sunset. It is not always like that but I felt it was reminder that I should not be wasting the opportunities I have.

New Whistler gondola in sunset.
BBQ at top of Whistler mountain.
Roundhouse lodge in summer.
Sunset reflection in Rendezvous restaurant on Blackcomb mountain.

There is always excitement in town when new trail is built. This time it is an alpine hiking trail and it was built by volunteers, mostly from the Alpine Club of Canada. From the trailhead in Whistler (Alpine Way) to Iceberg Lake roundtrip is 14km. Depending on your level of fitness this hike will take 6-8 hours roundtrip.
We chose to pedal our bikes to Screaming Cat Lake and Flank trail fork and from there we hiked Skywalk North trail. The reason behind that is both of my friends/models were injured and biking was actually better option for them then hiking. Thumbs up for Christina, who just came off 3 months foot injury, still limping her way through grassy meadows. It was also the only sunny day in forecast for a while, so we had no other choice then go for it. Unfortunately we haven’t made it to Iceberg Lake, but we were pretty darn close. Photos ( especially for a client) take time to get and I needed to capture the views and hiking in alpine.

Alpine hiking trails in Whistler.
Fall colours in Whistler.
Two female hikers in Whistler alpine.

Earlier this summer, Steve and I joined a group of bikers to Sun Peaks. Our schedule is fairly busy during the summer and we barely have a chance to hit the road for a quick trip, so this was our opportunity to escape Whistler for a weekend. The guys were racing DH Nationals and I was happy to enjoy the weekend with my friend Lisa. While the boys were training, we decided to avoid the busy park and explore the trails around. We’ve done 20 km xc loop on our first day and then took a gondola up to head for a short loop in the backcountry on second day and watch the race after. The alpine flowers were in full bloom and I had no choice but to pull out the camera and start snapping. Poor Lisa had to ride uphill “one more time” for me to get the shots.

Whistler adventure photographer
Alpine mountain biking in Sun Peaks
Preparation for Canada DH Nationals at Sun Peaks
Travel photographer

I have never thought that I would enjoy trail building. As a kid growing up in communist country I had to travel 12 km with my parents to our community garden. Instead of playing with my friends outside I had to go and help gardening. I really hated it and told my parents that one day I will make enough money to buy fruit and veggies. Little did I know that 30 years later I would voluntarily plant the flowers for our deck or that I would be digging for dirt for a trail I won’t be even able to ride. I don’t know when things changed, it happened so slow that I didn’t even noticed. Suddenly I am looking forward weekend to go looking for rocks, cutting the bushes down or digging for hours to find some dirt. First I thought I should just go and help my boyfriend, but lately I find it relaxing, my mind is not thinking about business or other things I need to do. I am just there digging and enjoying the company of my friends. To see our team work and the progress at the end of the day. And the moment when we are just sitting on freshly build bridge looking down into creek and sipping our tasty beverages while your whole body aching.
Building a mountain biking trail in Whistler.

Active lifestyle images are probably my favourite to capture. Photographing healthy lifestyle and life in motion is something I enjoy more and more. I jump at every opportunity to capture the outdoor activities and luckily I have a few great and inspiring friends who are open-minded to my ideas. Maeve is one of them. She owns Whistler Kids Yoga and Yoga with Maeve Jones and is an amazing yoga instructor, teacher and listener. We teamed up for a few outdoor yoga shoots last summer. The alarm was set to not so friendly 5am before sunrise. It’s not easy to wake up this early, however it is so worth it when we do. I love the quiet mornings by the lake while most people are still sleeping we would enjoy the first rays of sun. I also start rushing Maeve as we less then 5 minutes to capture it.

Morning sun and yoga at Alta Lake Whistler
Yoga and meditation by Lost Lake Whistler
Sunrise yoga by Alta Lake Whistler
Whistler outdoor yoga
Whistler outdoor yoga with Maeve

I feel very fortunate to work with Resort Municipality of Whistler this fall. Our goal is to build an image library that would capture the real life and would illustrate the importance of diversity of the RMOW’s operations and services. I teamed up with another great local photographer Mike Crane to capture the people behind the day to day operations of Whistler’s local goverment. We are hoping that our pictures can showcase the facilities ans services that people take for granted or woudn’t often think about such as recycling, community school, waste managent, our beautiful parks, local public art, visitor centre, dog parks, etc that are part of the day to day lives of residents and visitors.

Totem poles and Olympic rings -Public art in summer.
Dog friendly parks in Whistler.
Meadow park waterpark in Whistler.
Alpha Lake Park, Creekside, Whistler.
Bylaw officers in Whistler.
Skate park and dirt jumps in Whistler.
Whistler parks in summer.
Myrtle Philip Community School.
Canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler.