Sometimes I get asked if I could do the head shots. Often I find out that my client is not sure if they would like to have an outdoor or an indoor head shot. It is a right question to ask and I feel the best is to look at the company you work for. If it is a bigger corporation, we might need to follow up some guidelines and choose the proper background. Sometimes it is just better to match the rest so there is some unity in the pictures across the whole company. However if you are a small business, I find the outdoor pictures can add a bit of personality to your head shots. I have seen images from outdoor formal head shot to something more relaxed like doing something you like to do, biking, skiing, etc. It is the best if you consult your options with your photographer. If you have a small business operating from office ( lawyer, business consultant, etc) maybe a formal outdoor or indoor picture is the best. However if you are yoga teacher, life coach or in landscape business – I would suggest a more informal outdoor picture and nice portrait in a great looking garden or in meditation pose, etc..
And here are a few examples of corporate outdoor head shots from my last week shoot.
Corporate photography in Whistler

I recently had the pleasure of working with Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital. I’ve photographed people with their pets before but never in this type of environment or with that many animals in one place. Going into it I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I walked into the building no one was at the front desk. Suddenly, a very friendly dog jumped up on it’s hind legs and peered over the counter at me. I knew right at that moment it was going to be a fun shoot. Having a shot literally jump at you when you walk in the door doesn’t always happen and I’m quite thrilled when it does. Once I sat down with the good people at Garabaldi Veterinary Hospital we got to work on the types of shots they had in mind. They were so well organized and such a pleasure to work with. Sometimes working with animals can be unpredictable but not this time. We got everything that they were looking for and still had time left. I used that oopportunity to get some bonus exterior shots for them. Thanks for the good times guys and girls!
Squamish photography
Squamish photographer
Veterinary hospital in Squamish.
Staff at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in Squamish.
Doctor examines pets at vet hospital.
Cat only examination room at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital

Getting a group photo done for your company during convention is a great idea. Especially when your offices are in different cities. With very little time and busy schedule, we opted for an outdoor session just outside of Westin. Luck was on our side as right after the headshots the sky got much darker and started to rain.
Below are a few samples.
Company outdoor group photo

I received a phone call from my client Newsrooms about photographing GROW conference in Whistler. Based on our conversation, I knew I would love this photo shoot as it was different. The client wanted very specific look for the images which were posted every 10 – 15 min on various social media channels. It was pretty much live documentation of all events during the conference. I loved the fast working environment when I had 10 minutes to get a shot of guest speaker, audience, sponsors. Then I run to media room so my assistant can quickly edit the session, colour corect and pass it to writers who then used it for tweets or instagram posts. Because of frequent posts I also had to look for different and creative angles so the posts don’t look the same.
Event photographer in Whistler
Whistler event photographer
Whistler event photography sesrvices
Documentation photography in Whistler
Guest Speaker at GROW conference.
Speakers at GROW conference.
Event venues in Whistler
Whistler event photographer
Sunset at top of Whistler mountain.
Sunset view from top of Whistler gondola