Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps, in my opinion, are the best bike camps for women. Tested myself, I can tell you that you will learn much more in one weekend during this camp than in a whole season riding with your friends. Happy to see that couple of my photos ( including the main pic) have been used for their 2013 poster. Now, bring on the summer! I can’t wait!

One of my favourite shoots of the year is the lifestyle shoot for Whistler Blackcomb. As a Whistler outdoor lifestyle photographer, I really enjoy working with these guys. The shoot is always different, and this year, I was assigned to take photos of one of the best spots on the mountain – the Crystal Hut and their famous waffles.

Recently I have done couple commercial shoots for TAG Whistler. The Adventure Group Whistler runs variety of activities all year around and we are trying to capture the fun the guests have during their adventure and the beautiful scenery they get to play in.
Here are my couple favourites. One from the snowmobile shoot and the other from snowshoe adventure.

Snowshoeing and lifestyle shoot for TAG Whistler

As a Whistler adventure photographer, I am always happy to work with local companies. I’ve been shooting for TAG Whistler for couple of years now. We are working on re-shooting all their activities for marketing and advertising. It’s been a very fun project, each activity is different and needs new approach.

The Adventure Group, Whistler.

I was pleased to see one of my photo used for a full page ad in Whistler magazine by a local activity company – The Adventure Group. If you are looking for some fun on sleds or zipline adventure this winter, these are the guys you want to go with.

Sam and Ben on their snowmobile adventure.

Last winter, I was excited to shoot some lifestyle pictures for WB. I remember the warm day in mid January and how lucky we were with the sunny weather that day. Few of my photos are already all over WB website. Here is a small sample.

Lifestyle pictures on whistlerblackcomb.com

As a mountain biking photographer, I jumped at the opportunity to meet the guys from Velo magazine and join them on couple day shoot for their bike testing articles. Instead of being tourist in Prague visiting the castle and other historical sites, we ended up shooting in the suburbs and the local parks. It was pretty cool to mix it up and shoot road bikes as well as hardtail and full suspension bikes.
Here is a small sample of our work.

Velo magazine - bike testing.