Whistler Blackcomb has recently chosen their favourite images to promote their next year winter season. Our goal was to capture ski lesson and teen lifestyle images on Whistler mountain. The girls were amazing to work with, maybe a bit shy at first but ended up giggling for the rest of the day. With only 5 hours available we had to be on a roll to cover all levels of ski lessons from the beginner zone at Olympic chair up to advanced lessons with challenging terrain as well the instructing shots and lifestyle shots of the girls. If you are planning a trip to Whistler this winter and you are not confident with your skiing or snowboarding give the lesson a try. There are so many to choose from. Or just try their complimentary guided tour on either mountain. They offer it for any level and it’s an awesome way to get to know the mountains.
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It was a weird season. We either had sun or snow but barely both. And if we had both, it was -20C. While everybody is by the lake enjoying the summer these days, the ski resorts are in full marketing mode for an upcoming winter. Now is the time when they go over the photos we shot last winter and they are choosing their favorites to use for the winter promotion. I was lucky to work with Whistler Blackcomb twice last winter, focusing on ski lifestyle and ski school images. The ski instructors received new uniforms and our focus was to capture variety of images from lifestyle to skiing in their new outfits. Unfortunately it wasn’t as sunny as we hoped, however we still got great results. The ski instructors are patient in general and they were awesome crew to work with. And here is my favorite selection.
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I have to say, lifestyle photography is my favourite. I am not much into posed portraits, I prefer to capture those sweet moments in the real life.
Maeve, the owner of Whistler Kids Yoga, had the same idea. She is fun, always playing, always smiling. She is also Registered Yoga Teacher and former kindergarten teacher.
We sat down on the grass in middle of the park, a rare place for a meeting, and started to plan the photo shoot. To promote her fun summer camps we decided to have kids yoga session and photo shoot outside.
A typical class starts in a circle with introductions and centering, then jumps into a yoga pose game or a story told through yoga. Kids connect with each other and themselves as they learn poses, create shapes, play, and experiment, all the while exploring new and exciting ways to move. Through focused physical movement, young yogis gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their enormous capabilities.
But it’s not just yoga poses! Kids Yoga also involves breathing exercises, singing, dancing, storytelling, resting, and meditation.
Looks like lot’s of fun to me. What do you think?

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It’s been a few years since I photographed properties so when I got the call I was pretty excited about the opportunity to take photos of this beautiful place. I’ve been always interested in interior design and when you get to photograph the house like this it always feels like a treat. What a nice change.

It’s been couple years since I started to take promotional images for The Adventure Group. TAG is one of the best companies in town and offers variety of activities during winter and summer. This summer we were focusing on Treetop Adventure kids course. Here are couple of my favourites:

Whistler bike park is probably my favourite client. Anytime I work with their team we work hard but we laugh a lot. Maybe because we all doing something we really love and are passionate about and it shows during the photo shoot. Here is a photo from our shoot to document Bike 101 lessons.

Bike 101 lesson, Whistler Bike Park

Whistler Bike Park contacted me just before the end of the season and asked me if I would be interested to take some promotional images for them at the very last minute. There wasn’t much time for planning as the DFX camps – mountain biking camps for kids – were just wrapping up their season and we had to capture what are the camps all about. Luckily, any time I work with Whistler Bike Park, I end up working with amazing instructors and models. This shot is from end of the shoot, just passing by a new tunnel on easier run.

DFX camps, Whistler bike park.

The new sign for PHAT Wednesday races is ready and I am happy to see that Whistler Blackcomb used my photos to create this one.

New Phat Wednesdays DH race sign

Last year, I have done quite a few photo shoots for The Adventure Group, an activity company in Whistler. This weekend they have a grand opening for a new and longest zipline in Canada. While we still work on re shooting all their activities and get more images, some of them are already showing in media and advertising.. here are a few of my favourites.

NUTREND is the Czech leading producer of nutrition and dietary supplements not only for sportsmen but also for everyone who prefers an active life-style. They recently used couple of my photos for their new catalogues.

Kamil Tatarkovic, Leogang.