It’s been a pleasure to work with David Nagel,The Wolf of Whistler, a new real estate agent in town. With over 130 realtors in Whistler, it is really hard to stand out. And being new to town kicks that difficulty factor up a notch. If you ask me how many real estate agents I could name I probably would come up with 5 people at most. To break in and get noticed, David had to stand out. His branding and marketing strategy gained him massive brand awareness in the Sea to Sky corridor. What I admire about David is his bold approach. He is not afraid to take a risk or try something new. What he has done in a few months some agents haven’t done in years. When I received an email from Dave about photographing a luxury property for him I was intrigued to meet him in person. I was also surprised to meet a down to earth, levelheaded, and humble guy.

Even though I informed him that I had never photographed luxury real estate before, he insisted on hiring me for the job based on my work and our meeting. Photographing luxury real estate is challenging and rewarding at the same time. In the month leading up to the photo shoot, I was studying architectural and luxury real estate photography as well as learning new techniques behind the camera and in post production. I feel it is a huge responsibility when someone puts there trust in you to deliver their vision and I take it very seriously. I also take it as a chance to push my limits and learn new techniques along the way. All of this being why I enjoyed this shoot as much as I did. David was very pleased with the photos and I can’t wait to work on future projects together.

Exterior image of Whistler luxury house at dusk.
Whistler and Blackcomb views from living room.
Modern house with open concept floor plan in Whistler.
Master bedroom and bathroom with an open  concept floor plan.
Outdoor patio with fire pit and hot tub overlooking Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Two phone calls in two weeks for real estate photography. With the majority of my shoots involving people as the subject, I found myself in empty houses with nobody to “direct”. Photographing two houses, one for sale and the other for rent, suddenly brought a nice change into my shooting schedule. It’s something different and I ended up enjoying the whole process so much that I even booked an online course on real estate and architectural photography to bring it to another level. There is lots to learn and I am already using some of the techniques in my outdoor photography.

When shooting real estate, it is essential to recognize what is important to the client and what the images are to be used for. If it is for a real estate agent, I focus on selling features of the house – windows, fireplace, ensuite bathrooms, views, etc. Then, I try to incorporate those features in the photos. For a rental property – beside the features of the house – I am also focusing on the furniture, bedding, interior design, and overall feel of the place for long or short term visitors. The visitors are not choosing only a property to book but they are looking for a certain feel to the place as well. It’s these little details that make the difference at the end.

The photos below show a beautiful house for sale in Pemberton. I focused on capturing those selling features as mentioned above: fireplace, views, ensuite bathrooms.

Professional photography for real estate listings and rental properties.
Professional photography for real estate listings in Whistler and Pemberton.

When photographing a Montebello vacation house for Whistler property management company Whistler Premier, I also focused on amenities like the TV, king size bed, and beddings as those are equally important in this case. The people who are renting a property are looking for amenities and as well as the feel of the place and not just house features.

Professional photography for rental properties in Whistler.
Professional photography services for property management companies in Whistler.

Sally Shureih is a business owner who recently moved to Whistler. She relocated from Ottawa where she founded and operated the highly successful Ottawa Laser Clinic. Today, she owns and operates Lionsgate Laser Clinic in Whistler. She is a successful business woman, wife, mother, and grandmother which can keep her quite busy. We only had 1/2 hour for our head shot shoot and things didn’t go as expected. When I left home we had sunny skies and I had packed for a quick outdoor session for her head shots. I already scouted a location nearby the clinic, all I needed was to get Sally out of the office and start snapping. By the time I got into town it started to rain and we had to act fast. I cancelled the shoot outside and we quickly set up in her quaint office for a quick shoot. The space wasn’t ideal for doing portraits but I enjoy a challenge. Because of our limited time, I immediately moved the chair as close to the glass door and window as I could. There was a beautiful, soft light from the overcast sky on Sally’s face and all I had to do was add a reflector on the right for some fill light. Since room was limited I had to stand outside the door to get the shot.
Offering photography services is not only about taking pictures. Much of the time it is problem solving and responding to changes of weather and location. A skill set that I believe is only gained by experience.

Indoor headshot for a doctor.

I am very excited to see this picture published. Lisa Mason from Women’s Freeride Movement and Veronika Voracek are awesome local shredders showing the girls that anything is possible. Besides their great personalities they are also coaching and sharing their knowledge with Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps.
This picture was taken during the photo shoot for Dirt Series to create marketing and promotional images for their women only mountain bike camps.
Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps.

Whistler Blackcomb food and beverage department has undergone some major changes for the 2014-2015 winter season. They now have first ever all vegetarian restaurant, Raven’s Nest on Whistler mountain. It is the first of its kind at ski resorts in North America. However that’s not the only change. They have also changed the menu at Garbo’s, small slope-side place to get the best burgers in town. These delicious burgers are made with naturally raised, anti-biotic and hormone free beef with option of great add-on like free range egg, BC bacon, guacamole and more.
As a Whistler outdoor lifestyle photographer I usually photograph people and various activities, however this photo shoot was a great opportunity to take pictures of something new. For sure, the biggest challenge was looking at this delicious food for a few hours. And here are a few samples you can drool about.

Burgers at Garbo's at Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb places to eat.
Best burgers in Whistler.
Eating freshly made burgers at Garbo's BBQ at the bottom of Whistler gondola.
Whistler commercial photographer.

Here is something different. With all the rain we’ve been having lately, this shoot was a great opportunity to do something different and indoors for a change. I switched our dining and living room into a studio couple of days ago and photographed some products for local Vorsprung Suspension shop. As you can guess, Vorsprung Suspension specializes in mountain biking suspension tuning, repairs and services only. The guys working there are very friendly and helpful and the service is excellent. For the studio shoot we were discussing the option of white or black background. In my opinion, there is nothing more sexier than a black product on glossy black surface. It would also match a black background on their website. The biggest challenge is to keep the dust of your surface and the product, however that’s a fairly easy fix in post production. And here are couple of samples of the air sleeves you can find on Fox Float air shocks.

Air sleeves on Fox Float air shocks

Here is a sample of my commercial work for Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler. This multipurpose facility provides residents and visitors with a wide selection of services and amenities including a six-lane pool, kids’ pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub. The complex also houses an arena, squash courts, weight room and a fitness studio. We tried to cover almost each activity either drop in or scheduled group classes.

Skate shop and rentals at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
Drop in hockey at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
Public skating at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
Cardio gym at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
MAC class at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
Fitness classes at Meadow Park Sport Centre in Whistler.
Leisure pool in Whistler.
Squash courts in Whistler.

I feel very fortunate to work with Resort Municipality of Whistler this fall. Our goal is to build an image library that would capture the real life and would illustrate the importance of diversity of the RMOW’s operations and services. I teamed up with another great local photographer Mike Crane to capture the people behind the day to day operations of Whistler’s local goverment. We are hoping that our pictures can showcase the facilities ans services that people take for granted or woudn’t often think about such as recycling, community school, waste managent, our beautiful parks, local public art, visitor centre, dog parks, etc that are part of the day to day lives of residents and visitors.

Totem poles and Olympic rings -Public art in summer.
Dog friendly parks in Whistler.
Meadow park waterpark in Whistler.
Alpha Lake Park, Creekside, Whistler.
Bylaw officers in Whistler.
Skate park and dirt jumps in Whistler.
Whistler parks in summer.
Myrtle Philip Community School.
Canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler.

My second photo shoot for Whistler bike park this summer was a blast. Sometimes I feel really fortunate to do what I do for living. Going out with bunch of cool people to take pictures of what we love doing (in this case biking) is something I truly love doing. Yes, we have a shot list we need to complete, we are chasing light, talk about the shots, however I love every minute of it and it doesn’t feel like work at all.
For this photo session, I was taking photos for marketing and promotional use. One of their lessons is Max 4 daily lessons. As you probably guessed there is no more than 4 people per instructor so you are guaranteed attention, value and lot’s of laps in the bike park. We tried to cover little bit more advanced riding and jumps as that’s what you would get in most of these lessons.
Flowy downhill trail in Whistler Bike Park. Riding Freight Train, Garbanzo zone. Four bikers pushing DH bikes. Mountain bikers on chairlift.

Earlier this year I was asked by Whistler Bike Park if I would be available to photograph couple of their bike park lessons they will be promoting the next season. After a few phone calls, organizing models, bikes and bike outfits I finally met a group of young ladies eager to learn to ride and pose for the camera. Before we decide on the trails and locations we will photograph at, the marketing team and myself created a shot list based on their needs and feeling they would like to get out of the pictures. Once we know what kind of images we are after I usually go up the mountain to scout some locations and suggest the ideas to Whistler bike park. For womens night bike park lesson we wanted to capture fun and no-stressful environment, some instructions on easy, beginner trails as well a bit challenging terrain so the lessons would appeal to female rider at any level. With ton’s of sun in the forecast we opted for Garbanzo zone higher up which offers beautiful views and more open sunny areas.
Mountain biking lifestyle Mountain bikers following their instructor during lesson. Woman learning new skills on bike. Women in downhill biking. Female riders learning new skills on bikes.