One of my favourite pictures from Della Creek trip is an opening image for a feature story on riding in Llilooet in current issue of Mountain Life magazine. Rider Steve Storey made sure I am completely covered in dust by end of the shoot.
Della Creek mtb trail in BC.

Last summer I headed up into the alpine for a quick overnight mountain bike shoot. The sunset was unreal! So glad we did it but I could have done without the billions of mosquitoes. This image from that trip of Steve Storey and Fanny Paquette is running in the current of issue of Crank’d magazine.
Alpine mtb trails on Sproat mountain in Whistler.

What a great way to finish 2015! Another article published in January issue of Velo magazine in Czech Republic. This time it is from our last year winter escape to Hornby Island!
Hornby Island winter bike adventure

What an awesome event for women! I only heard of it when I was asked to document the event for Tourism Whistler. Mudderella, designed by women, is 5-7 mile long muddy obstacle course for women. It is not a race, it is an awesome adventure with your female friends. It was amazing to experience it from behind the lens – seen the courage, support, laugh, togetherness, struggle, fun, strength – it was all there in every team. And living up to its name, Whistler weather added lots of natural mud with rain and sun mixing it up during the event.

Whistler event photography
Whistler photographer
Mudderella obstacle course
Sport event photographer
Whistler photographer
Whistler photography

Wow. I still can’t believe it happened. We won the Banff Mountain photo essay competition! I say “we” as I feel none of it would happened without my partner Steve, who comes up with these adventures and simply we work great as a team. It was my dream to be a finalist for this contest. I knew taking the win would be very difficult against so many talented photographers from many different industires and backgrounds. Thanks to The Banff Centre for putting this contest together. It is a great platform to share our photos with many peopleinan interesting way. I love the format of storytelling through the photos.
And here is our story from traveling and searching for singletrack in Guatemala.

Banff photo competition winner 2015

My partner Steve Storey and I will be guest speakers during VIMFF mountain biking night on Feb 16th. Included in the presentation is the catalyst for the journey to Central America, images captured during our trip, and stories highlighting the mis-adventures of traveling through 3 countries over loaded with bikes and camera gear. Join us for tales from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador as we meet beautiful and inspiring local people, nearly get struck by lightning twice, and take in the charms and chaos of Central American mountain bike racing. For more information and program please visit VIMFF website

Bike adventures in Central America.

Happy new year to everybody out there! I am excited to start the new year with a published travel story about our mtb trip to El Salvador featured in recent January issue of Czech VELO magazine. It was my second trip with bikes to El Salvador and the whole crew got excited to see the familiar faces again. Lot’s of the local riders became our friends and we found ourselves riding together and sharing the bike stories while eating pupusas at local restaurant. It always amazes me how biking brings people together. Poor or rich, lawyer or janitor, young or old, we all have biking in common and forget our problems the moment we get on our bikes. For some, biking is a great adrenaline rush. They love it for speed. For others it’s freedom. For most of the guys in Central America it’s an escape. Escape from the negativity in their life, drugs. It separates them from the problems which they are exposed to. We were lucky to meet a lot of them in Central America, some of them from rich families with latest carbon model, some of them not as lucky riding whatever they can get. Still, they all share the same passion for this young sport and they are all thankful for being able to ride their bikes.
El Salvador mountain biking scene.

Another adventure from Central America made it to print. Freehub Magazine has published a 12 page article documenting our trip to Honduras. It’s a beautiful layout with words written by Steve Storey. Lots of other great stories in there too.
We have only spent one week in Honduras close to Tegucigalpa, also known as Tegus, where we met with Mario Mossi, local biker and owner of Hondubikes. He has been very helpful letting us to stay at his place for a few nights while we built our bikes and got familiar with local trails. Mario and his bike buddies showed us the DH trails they built over the last few years. It’s amazing to see how passionate these guys are about biking and trail building. Los Elotes, one of the trails they built, is one of the best DH tracks around and worth a trip to Central America.

mountain biking in Honduras

Steve and I were able to check out a snow cave on Blackcomb mountain last year. It’s not far away from T-bars and it is easy to find if there is lack of snow during winter season. We snapped some pictures and not even a year later I am excited to find one of those photos in the recent Winter/Spring issue of Mountain Life magazine. It’s hard to believe that such high quality magazine is free and you can pick it up in various stores and cafe places around Sea To Sky Corridor. Besides amazing world class photography you will also find interesting stories from the area.
Whistler snow cave

Steve and I are very excited to have our feature story published in the recent Dirt Rag magazine issue. 9 pages of photos, cover and the story about Guatemalan biking trails, written by Steve Storey, is something you want to read. Especially if you like adventure on a bike.
“…Planning started as soon as our last Central America adventure ended. We knew we had only scratched the surface the previous year when we visited El Salvador. It was only fitting that we return to explore more uncharted territory, this time in Guatemala, where we had heard fabled stories of El Zur and La Piedra del Tigre. But were we chasing after something that didn’t exist, or that had been grossly exaggerated? The Plan: Cram bikes, camera gear, and six people into a severely undersized pickup truck for two weeks and ride as many places as possible…”
mtb trails in Guatemala Mountain biking in Guatemala.