Active lifestyle stock images – Whistler lifestyle photographer

Active lifestyle images are probably my favourite to capture. Photographing healthy lifestyle and life in motion is something I enjoy more and more. I jump at every opportunity to capture the outdoor activities and luckily I have a few great and inspiring friends who are open-minded to my ideas. Maeve is one of them. She owns Whistler Kids Yoga and Yoga with Maeve Jones and is an amazing yoga instructor, teacher and listener. We teamed up for a few outdoor yoga shoots last summer. The alarm was set to not so friendly 5am before sunrise. It’s not easy to wake up this early, however it is so worth it when we do. I love the quiet mornings by the lake while most people are still sleeping we would enjoy the first rays of sun. I also start rushing Maeve as we less then 5 minutes to capture it.

Morning sun and yoga at Alta Lake Whistler
Yoga and meditation by Lost Lake Whistler
Sunrise yoga by Alta Lake Whistler
Whistler outdoor yoga
Whistler outdoor yoga with Maeve